That's the sound of my head caving in. Or something. I shouldn't even be posting right now! You should all be screaming at me to go to bed. I have been getting wretched sleep thanks to the smallest member of our family. And I'm swamped with all kinds of work. I was SO overwhelmed today with event stuff that if my best friend hadn't come over I'm 90% sure I would've had a major meltdown. On top of that, Daughter's baptism is the 25th of this month and that has totally and completely snuck up on me. And on top of that, this whole thing about getting things together for wholesale is a LOT of work. Which is fine and all but holy cow. I'm just trying to plow through it. Also I officially signed up for the last swap I will sign up for this year. NO MORE SWAPS UNTIL '07! Or else! I swear I will tell you what it is tomorrow when I have time to properly link you.

Things were completely psychotic here today. My hell. We're trying to get Eldest to eat more foods than just chicken nuggets, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, oatmeal, watermelon, grapes, and cereal. It is causing a shitload of meltdowns on his behalf and is making me question my sanity every mealtime.

Note to self: Also on list of things to post is a photo of the CUTIES I scored at KidRobot last week. Has it already been a week?!?! AAAGH!

Things I have accomplished include but are not limited to

Completing Christmas shopping for the wee little ones
Continue Christmas shopping for others
Scanned in another Japanese catalog for a total of 3!
Watched last week's The Office *happy sigh*
Watched Office Space while piecing together invitations for the Baptism
Addressed, stuffed, and sealed said invitations
Sent and Received a Scavenger Hunt Swap
Bought stuff for myself on Ebay *cough*kidpirate*cough*
Ordered flowers to be sent to J at work Friday just because he is awesome and I'm not as awesome as he is (and also FTD has a great deal on a dozen roses delivered)
Racked up major points on MyPoints with Christmas shopping (if you aren't on this program yet and you do a lot of online shopping, INCLUDING EBAY, let me know so I can refer you- it's FREE and worth the few minutes to sign up)
Posted on this here blog

And I'm so running off to bed you have no idea.


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