And we’re back!

I'm trying to think of how to start and really can't come up with anything cohesive. So let's just jump in randomly.

These business trips to New York are always incredibly exciting, busy, and over way too fast. I always have a million things I want to do in the city and usually I only get to do one because it happens to be in my boss' favorite shopping district. That would be visiting KidRobot and picking up a few new playthings for my collection which I did but I have to photograph them still. I haven't had much time. I came home LATE Friday night and Saturday was really hard for me. I just had a really tough time transitioning back into fulltime Mommy mode. But it's ok. It's coming together finally.

I love my new hair. I love the lightness of it and the freedom. I love that blowdrying it is actually kind of fun and not some crazy chore that takes forever and ever and I still have WET hair not even moist.

On the flight up I finished reading Running With Scissors. Pretty crazy book. Wow.

I went shopping at Wild Oats today. It's like a 20 minute drive from here. I was dizzy in the produce section. So many luscious veggies and fruits. EEK! And J told me today he loves this raw food a girl at work's been making. So I bought a cookbook online. One raw and one vegetarian. I'm trying to get healthy food into these tummies.

There was something else I meant to say. Many somethings. But honestly the new Home Companion is on my desk and it's twinkling and shining and begging me to take it into the bath upstairs. What you don't hear it? Plus there's a baby asleep across my lap who needs to get back into her crib. You haven't seen the last of me!


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