Warning: Ranting Ahead

What happened to respecting each other? You know I really hate the world we are living in and I’m going to limit that to life here in the United States because that’s the life I know. But I swear the more I look at things the more I see that most poor things can be blamed on a total lack of respect for one another. I am sick to death of the paparazzi and the pathetic obsession they have with celebrities. I think that comes out of a complete lack of respect for a person’s privacy. Seriously, back off! It’s sickening. They decide what a celebrity is and they just get out of line. My God to rant to a group of paparazzi and call someone a “firecrotch” is out of a lack of respect and to publish it and air it is even MORE lack of respect. Recently two more episodes have just frustrated me to no end. One Rush Limbaugh claiming that Michael J Fox overacted on a political ad to draw sympathy. VOMIT! Ok seriously? RESPECT each other. My god. So you don’t have the same political views as another person ok fine pick them apart on issues but to stoop down to accuse someone of exploiting their illness? How souless are you? It’s just a lack of respect for each other as human beings. And it’s so disgusting these days especially with Election Day around the corner and you just KNOW it’s going to get worse. And then South Park. I loved South Park when it debuted oh so many years ago. But South Park to me has mutated into the most tasteless pathetic desperate show on television. I feel like their “fresh ideas” are nothing but slips of paper that answer the question, “You know what would piss people off?” and seriously there’s nothing creative about that. There’s nothing innovative. And you hear them talk and they talk as if they are doing this giant service to humanity with their show. Get over yourselves! The show is crap. And their latest episode featured Steve Irwin with blood on his chest and a stingray dangling from it. There is nothing funny about that. Nothing. There is tasteless humor and there is garbage and that is just garbage. That man has a wife and children and died in a very unexpected manner. And yet you exploit him for ratings. You’re disgusting and tired. I’m just over it. I just wish people would have some damn manners again and start respecting one another. Mostly respect that we are all entirely different from one another and move on.

And now back to our regularly scheduled blog…


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