Easiest Knit

I'm so thrilled. I've just knit up the fastest, easiest, and VERY cute thing I've ever done. Not that I've done much really but seriously this was awesome. A few months ago Michael's had some Ticker Tape yarn from Moda Dea on clearance for like $2 a ball. So I bought one in each color they had available. I'm so wishing I'd bought more! I'll have to see if they have more on clearance. The first time I found knitty I fell in love with Bonbon. It just looked so cute and fun to knit and so when I saw the moda dea ticker tape and saw it was 100% nylon like the yarn used in the knitty pattern I figured I'd buy it so I could try it. Well I never tried it. Don't ask me why because I can't give you an honest answer. Except Thursday my friend came over and I was helping her with a bath mitt so I figured let me try this Bonbon thing finally. Also I had been struggling with the duplicate stitch my rock n roll purse needs and I wanted to do something light. Well I started knitting and a few things happened. One I fell in love with the ticker tape. I get why it's not exactly practical but it's SO fun to knit with. And by the way BonBon calls for Size 15 needles but all I had was 17s. Well not only did I fall in love with the ribbon yarn but I also got why some people just love the chunky yarn/chunky needle combo. First of all I think all the books should make you learn to knit with chunky yarn on chunky needles. What you're doing is just very clear. Also this yarn in particular isn't such a pain as far as splits. It's painfully obvious the second you poke a hole in it but if you pull out your needle in time you don't notice it at all so it's cool. And you don't confuse yourself later like you do with split yarns. Well anyways I finished my bonbon just now. That's right. It took me from Thursday night until tonight and that was without trying. I could easily knit this in a few solid hours. Oh and that includes the time it took me to make my own cord which I did by doing a very long chain of crochet stitches. Or whatever they're called. Anyways I'm thinking that one of these and a bottle of shower gel or bubble bath would be a CUTE Christmas gift. You could even make a coordinating washcloth for the face. Which I think I might do with the remaining yarn. There's about enough yarn in a ball of ticker tape to make a bonbon the cord and I'm thinking a small washcloth for the face. Anyways, great stuff to place with. And I tested a piece in soapy hot water and had no problems with color. Seriously try this. Especially if you're BRAND new to knitting. This will make you so proud of yourself.


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