Oh where oh where has my Blogiversary gone?

You would all be confused if you checked out the archives here at Livejournal looking for my first blog entry made in October. It’s not here. You see on October 7, 2002 (YIKES) I began my first blog on Diaryland. Same name as here but don’t bother looking for it on Diaryland anymore it’s all locked up. So there you go. I’ve been blogging for four years now. And for fun let’s go ahead and put up that first entry shall we?

2002-10-07 – 1:49 p.m. : First Entry

Ok, this is my offical FIRST entry on this place. I pretty much stumbled onto this place and I’m glad I did as I’ve been wanting to get into an online diary thingy for a while now. Mostly because my notebook journal is quite full but also because typing is easier. There is a certain hesitancy in what I type as I know there may be others reading this. I know a few of my friends who would enjoy a service like this, although I doubt they’d like to read my thoughts- I talk enough as it is! I’m at work and tired and sleepy and achey. I’m contemplating skipping class today. Just swoop in to pick up my boyfriend as a surprise and cop out on the film class I have. I have tons of stuff to do as far as the Magazine goes. Ok well I have lots of stuff to customize and look into, I’ll wrap this up now.


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