Holy Tiredness

Man I feel so beat up. My best friend has been at my house a lot more often lately. It's a huge blessing. I have another adult to talk to and it's not just any adult it's the equivalent of my sister. And she's been a huge help to me with the kids. Which I guess is the only drawback. Suddenly I have an extra pair of hands and it's like a whole new world has opened for me. I can get things done a lot easier with her around. The only thing is this can and has backfired on me as I feel that with her around and such a great opportunity I really should get to working on all of those things I've neglected thus far. So basically if she's with me you can bet I'm not stopping. And if I do it's for a moment. But really I can't complain about much other than it leaves me completely exhausted at the end of the day. Thrown under a truck exhausted. Eldest's happy though cause he has someone to play with. And Daughter's happy cause someone cuddles her. And Daughter just woke up so I have to leave this exactly as it is. Until next time.


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