Mulling over

So I'm in the Kawaii ATC Swap at Swap-Bot. Damn I talk about swaps a lot huh? Back to the point. It's due October 16 and somehow I've already received my 9 cards from my 3 partners but that's also not really the point of this entry EITHER. I really haven't given much thought to this swap because I figure, it's kawaii HELLO I know kawaii. Today I started thinking about it though and leafed through my things and well my original idea of collages from deco tapes and memo sheets and stickers and such things went out the window. I'm sure someone can pull it off but not me. So I started thinking some more and figured what if I went the paper piecing route? I'm figuring it'd be neat to piece together some of my favorite kawaii characters as well as some classic ones from paper and put them on some origami paper background. I went online to look at some images I'd use and I settled on these nine characters. Am I crazy for doing this? Kawaii characters are simple in their nature and there's nothing overly crazy. I think they'd be really cute done in paper for ATC's. The other thing is I'm wondering just how many participants actually *know* what kawaii is. Out of the three sets of cards I got only one really portrayed kawaii culture. The other two, although completely gorgeous, weren't really reflective of kawaii culture. I'm not really complaining because of the three sets my favorite is a set of geisha that are most definitely not kawaii but still. I'm just afraid it'll go over some people's heads? Am I overanalyzing this? Anyways, here are the nine images I'm going to translate into paper collages. If they have backgrounds they won't be there, I'm just focusing on the characters themselves. Suggestions? Feedback? Hit me!


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