Coloriffic Swap O Rama October Part Two Theme: Purple & Orange

I’m having Livejournal issues. Hmmm. ANYWAYS. My October Swaporama is packed up and waiting to be shipped to… somewhere in the US. Thank god because apparently my September package was taken hostage by Portuguese customs officials or something. Assholes. I’ve decided to resend her something in a week or so cause she’s been SO damn nice to me and it just blows. Some other girl ranted at Swaporama today about how disappointed she was in the package she got this month. Hmmm that’s sad. I’ve abandoned swapping communities a million times– quietly. And I’ve always been gracious to those who’ve sent me things and yeah so some times you get things that don’t work for you but by far I get more good stuff than not. Lucky? I don’t think so. I think there are more good people out there than not and really I’m not a picky person so it’s a good combination you know? OK fine I’ll stop complaining about other people complaining and just show you pics of the goods I’m sending. Sounds like a plan? Sweet. All of this is going and the bracelet I posted yesterday.


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