Coloriffic Swap O Rama October

The deadline for shipping out is coming up. I’ve been so bad for this one and haven’t started shopping until today not because of anything other than brokeness. Also, my partner has me slightly confounded but not in a bad way. Just she’s different is all. And one of my fave ways to get to know my partner is their blog and she hasn’t updated hers in a LONG time. AND she specifically mentioned a dislike for cuteness. But for why oh swaporama partner of mine? So yeah I’ve been having to think outside of the box. At least outside of my box. Am I making sense? I should’ve warned you that I am REALLY tired. Anyhow my dear swap partner did mention a fondness for handmade jewelry. Which at first I was like HA good for you I won’t ruin that for ya and moved along thinking of other handmade possibilites. Ok fine I admit it I was thinking of what ELSE I could freezer paper stencil. But while at the store today I couldn’t get out of the bead aisle. So long story short, I revisited my childhood and made her a bracelet. And it was so damn easy I made one for my best friend who I love a lot and has been hanging out with me more lately and it’s been really good for my sanity. Swap O Rama October colors are purple and orange so that’s THAT bracelet. And my best friend’s favorite color is blue while mine is purple so that’s THAT bracelet. Enjoy and good NIGHT!


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