I just finished reading Kamikaze Girls. Cute book, totally fun read. I can’t wait to see the movie.

As you may or may not know the book’s main character is a Lolita. I adore the Lolita clothes but could never do that look. One because I’m way too old and two because it’s freaking expensive. But I do want very badly to incorporate some of the Lolita clothes into every day. ANYWAYS since the character is obsessed with Baby, the Stars Shine Bright I pulled up the site because it’s been a while. And well, I want A LOT of stuff. I don’t remember loving so much of it last time I looked but seriously look at all this CUTENESS. I think the thing killing me, other than my total cat fascination, is the Alice stuff. I *love* Alice in Wonderland. I really wish my books weren’t boxed up right now because I’d seriously curl up with it again.

OH HELL this too


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