Where Do I Begin To Tell The Story….

Let's start at the beginning. Wednesday when I left rushed and in a flurry. The rest is cut for the courtesy of your friends' page. I made sure to include lots of images for your viewing pleasure.

Day One: Things at the airport actually went smooth as can be. Security flew us past and were incredibly nice. They helped us get two rows on the plane to ourselves too. We had to sit on the runway a bit when the plane's power suddenly shut off and wouldn't turn back on but all was restored and we were off. We landed in Newark and were picked up by J's aunt/godmother. When we got to their gorgeous house in Jersey, Eldest went to bed, and J and I were treated to a homecooked meal of spaghetti, meatballs, and pastelitos prepared by his grandmother. Delicious. Daughter slept horribly that night and basically spent the night munching on yours truly. Not fun.

Day Two: Next day we woke up and it was J's birthday. Eldest got to run around outside in their HUGE yard and played in their playground. He also tried playing with their new yorkie who's apparently never been around small children and so tended to avoid Eldest as much as she could. We had some bagels and yummy spreads and later that afternoon just before we left we had a pinepple upside down cake again prepared by his grandmother. His godmother took us into the city and dropped us off at our hotel around 4:30. The kids slept the entire way. We went for a walk around the hotel to Rockefeller Center. They have this amazing sky mirror set up there. Way cool. It was also cold enough that Daughter wore the hat I knit her when she was born. Later we met up with my boss and had dinner at China Grill. We ordered bananas in the box for J's dessert and it was delicious even after he hastily toppled it over and popped the top off all over the table. He was excited. What can I say? We stopped by the Rockefeller Center again to show my boss the Sky Mirror and to see the center at night.



Day Three: We got up and managed to take the six to SoHo so that I could visit the Kid Robot Pirate store. It was so beautiful. I said hello to Marty there on behalf of a friend of mine. He was very nice and gave Eldest as many stickers as he wanted which wasn't many because he was suddenly shy. I snatched up two Dunnys, two Fatcaps, two My Paper Crane donut keychains, and a couple of Christmas presents. In one of the Dunnys was a golden ticket which I'm very excited about. I was back at the hotel at 1:30 and met up with my boss at 2. We went over to Radio City Music Hall for the event and began set up. It was pretty good. A little nutty with some deliveries and traffic but all went well. J was having a miserable time with Daughter though. When we broke at ten my boss took me to eat dinner at Friday's and J was so stressed on the phone I just stopped eating mid burger and we left. I took Daughter with me to the fitting for the models and J went out with Eldest to a nice dinner. I ate my very cold burger when they came back but it was worth it because he was so much more relaxed. That night at the fitting I was having a seriously rough time. Here I was surrounded by tiny tiny tiny curvy gorgeous girls with perfect hair, teeth, boobs, stomachs, nails, etc. It was just, I don't know, weird. I left feeling like crap. Super insecure and that annoyed the crap outta me too. It was also rough because it was the first time I met the new assistant and she's a cutie too. Daughter modeled one of the little hats and looked perfectly silly so that made me giggle.

Day Four (Event Day): My day began at 7 in the morning. I was down at the lobby at 8 and in Radio City at 8:30. Set-up of the second, third, and fourth rooms began at nine. We had a break at about noon. I met up briefly with J just before he went to the Museum of Natural History with the kids and his family. I was so sad I couldn't go. But I did get a nice long shower by myself and took my time getting dressed and ready and even managed to eat a good sandwich. Back at the Music Hall at 2 and stayed there until about one in the morning. The event was excellent- Boost Mobile's Rock Corps. It's a program where you volunteer four hours and get a ticket to the concert. It's the only way you can get there and the show was really good especially if you're into hip-hop. All of the artists were really nice to the audience and made sure to be grateful for their work. By far the best part of the evening for me personally was when Nelly brought a girl up from the audience and had her up for the entire duet he has with Kelly Rowland. She sang Kelly's part in front of all 18,000 guests at Radio City. Talk about a lifetime moment huh? It was very sweet of him to do and everyone LOVED it. Backstage we were all cheering her on. Nick Cannon hosted the show and did a good job I think. Better than I remember him doing last year. Other guests included TI, Fabolous, Young Jeezy, Paul Wall, Taking Back Sunday (GREAT performance), Panic at the Disco, Kelis, and surprise guest Nas (J's absolute favorite part of the night was walking past them in the hallway backstage- he loves Nas). J was able to leave the kids at the hotel with his aunt and grandmother for a while as his mother had gotten Daughter to take a bottle all day (YES!!!!). He dropped by the show for a couple hours and went home.

Day Five: We woke up at nine I think and got ready to leave. We were on the road to Boston at 11 in the morning. Or so we thought. New York to Boston would be about 3.5 hours according to J's uncle who had been there two weeks before and gave us directions. Unfortunately his uncle confused himself and told us to be sure to take the 84 WEST. For whatever reason, I'm think sheer exhaustion, it didn't hit us that Massaschussettes was EAST (it IS on the water after all). We drove TWO HOURS in the wrong direction and ended up in Scranton, PA which is notable to mention if you love The Office like we do. I wanted to find Dunder Mifflin LOL. When I pulled up Mapquest on my phone and mapped Scranton, PA to Boston, MA it told me the estimated driving time was 5 hours and change. It was horrible. We made it to Boston at almost nine that evening. The drive itself was beautiful. I have pics of the Scranton signs on my phone. The leaves were changing colors and the 84 is incredibly scenic. But man, driving five hours knowing you'd have been there already is painful. The kids were a nightmare that night. Eldest was restless and was sniffling the whole night long intentionally. Drove us crazy. He was also telling his aunt how there were monsters in Boston and he was scared and wouldn't stop about the damn monsters until I shouted out that Boston was a monster-proof city and had been for years. He asked how and I said it was magic. He bought it and finally fell asleep. Daughter pulled another fitful night on me and pulled and yanked on my poor boobs all night long. At one point I was so damn exhausted, frustrated, and sore I just cried to sleep. It SUCKED.

Day Six: We went out to the park down the street from my sister in law's apartment. Eldest chased squirrels everywhere. It was so nice. Even thought it was cold and drizzly it was just beautiful and so entirely different than here. We also walked down Newbury street and had a nice time together until 4:30 when we headed out to the aiport with directions from the knowledgeable doorman. Or not. The theme of this trip was bad directions will ruin your damn life. The door man warned us that the mass pike was a mess and to take 93 south and follow the signs. My sister in law asked if he was SURE 93 south would get us there in a timely manner. He sure was. WRONG. UGH! We drove on 93 south for about 15 minutes and the entire time we just KNEW it was wrong. I finally told j to get the hell off and turn around. 93 south had taken us out of boston and in the complete opposite direction of the airport. Finally we were back on track though and things looked good. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 6:30 and it was about 5 as we neared the airport thanks to all of the clear detour signs. Suddenly though things got messy. Cops were directing traffic and signs were unclear. At a light we asked a cop and he said we were doing great just stay on the right. The next block as we stayed on the right we wondered aloud why the detour sign that suddenly poppped up was pointing LEFT. Yup. Wrong way. And then to turn around J made the mistake of turning into some little neighborhood with one way streets. Yadda yadda we missed the flight. And by the time we called American Airlines it was too late to transfer tickets. J's mom works at United and helped us with a standby flight for the next day but jesus we were SO pissed and stressed and everything. Eldest slept the absolute worst he had slept that whole trip that night.

Day Seven: We got to the aiport in 15 minutes thanks to a cab. Once there we were flagged for heightened security measures. Want to avoid this? Don't buy a one way ticket with less than 24 hours to your travel date. Let me put it this way. They pat down Daughter you guys. Thankfully they were uber nice to us and really things weren't too bad. We had a connection in D.C. and there they lost our $170 double stroller but we just didn't even care anymore. We got home, filed the claim at the airport, and waited for my brother to get us. He took us to my mom's house and no joke we dove into the pool. Things finally settled down. And by the way, they delivered the stroller tonight.

So there you have it. The good parts were GREAT but the bad parts were hell.


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