Shopping & Swapping

I do plan on updating on the trip as a whole but that means getting lots of pics together and straightening my thoughts and I can't DO that with the office in the state it's in right now. It's scary. So for now I'll just show off some great swaps I received and some awesome stuff I picked up.

First up a couple of swaps I got in the mail. My September Coloriffic Swap came in just as I was leaving for New York. My package came from Here Kitty Kitty and it's so great. Lots of cute goodies in it for me. The handmades were a super a cute bracelet I've been wearing since I saw it and a BEAUTIFUL frame for Daughter.

By the way, I'm really bummed about this month's Coloriffic because the swap *I* sent hasn't arrived yet. And I know for a fact it hasn't come in because my spoilee said so. SO sad. I loved that package and now I have no idea what to do!

Anyways. Just before we left I did a swap with Jules, xinxthexscenex. We did a Girly Pampering Swap with a $10 limit. It was SO MUCH fun. I didn't have time to take pictures of what I sent her but I do have pics of what she sent me!

I'm SO using it all. Especially after the week I had. Ugh.

Moving forward. ^_^ A few weeks ago I made an order from Fafi and it came in while I was away. It's gorgeous. I love it. Now what to wear it with? And how do I not go buy the black one too?

Last but not least, I hardly got out this weekend things were so busy. But my husband rocks and made sure that the day I did have a couple hours of time with them we went into SoHo so I could go to the Kidrobot Pirate store. I'm going to share more pictures of the store inside with my next post but for now I'll share the goodies I snagged. I picked up two Dunnys, two donuts from My Paper Crane that Mario has hidden because he loved them so much, two Fatcaps that J took with him to work before I could photograph them, and the exclusive FatCap they had at the Pirate store.

The most exciting part was that in the box of the Dunny on the right I found this

I can't WAIT for it to come in. That really made my weekend you have no idea.

The only other place I shopped at was in Boston and once again time was limited. My sister in law made sure to take me to the Newbury Johnny Cupcakes store. It is a GREAT store. And of course I picked up a tee while I was there. J snagged one too because well they're freaking great. Duh. Here's mine. I wore it yesterday coming back home so that's why it's nice and beat up.

Well enough jabber! I have to get this office picked up. I can't think straight. I'll share the donut keychains the second I can find them. And I'll also tell you ALL about the trip. Also, for those who've been waiting, the store has been updated pretty much. Of course I'm having server issues but all the main stuff is there.


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