Leaving on a jet plane!

Aaaaaaagh! SO freaking stressed. I'm just popping in to say we're headed for NYC today. I still have to pack the kids' suitcase and carry-on stuff. I have to resolve as much for work as I can AND I'm working with my left index finger in a band-aid and I can't type with it and it's throwing me off big time. I was packing an order yesterday and this box was stuck together and I forced it open and started screaming cause my finger hurt. It was bleeding big time for not knowing what the fuck I did to it. I still don't know because I wrapped it in a bandaid and haven't looked. I'm scared to. I dunno if I tore the nail back or sliced it open. Fucking hurts.

Ok and as for the shop it's ready to go, I just have to publish it but I'm going to wait until Tuesday because some of the items have very limited stock and I can't manage inventory through Paypal and I hate when things go on backorder because my supplier is so unpredictable. And by the way, you should know Decole is a definite go and I'm trying to finalize the order so it ships while I'm gone. Also, I'm bringing in a NEW company. Yup you heard me. There are a LOT of wonderful zakka designers out there guys and why only limit ourselves to what everyone else has? This company is CUTE and I'm getting in catalogs for various other companies too so yeah I'm REALLY excited about that. Am I crazy for taking the risk on new brands? I think it'd be fun but you know how label-driven people are. I guess we'll see. Eldest just told me my hands look like aliens because of the way I'm typing sans left index. I love my nerdy child.

OK I have TONS to do and I need to be out of here in like five hours. GOOD BYE DARLINGS! See ya next week! Have a GREAT week, weekend, and all that.



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