Ever get the feeling giant corporations are spying on you? Like suddenly you'll fall in love with a color for instance and a couple months later it's being hailed as THE color of the season. Or you'll spend MONTHS trying to get your hands on such and such an item and you FINALLY snag it and then the next time you go to Target they have it in twenty colors and five styles and half the price. Well. I had my most recent WTF moment this weekend when I walked into Gymboree. Imagine my SHOCK when I head to the back in search of cool weather clothes and see THIS:

AND this


WAIT there's more


And even THIS

And in case your little eyes are tired or just shocked into not functioning properly all of these clothes feature some sort of variation on this pattern

Now please compare THOSE things to THESE things from my shop

Coincidence? I think NOT! Show yourself Cram Cream loving Gymboree Designer!

Sadly, I didn't buy any of it because I had no time. J was going nuts and the kids were too. But my GOD what is going on? It's so not right how perfectly they have us pegged. And by the way if you think that is all they have in that pattern you are sadly mistaken. You can view the entire collection, which I want to own, here. And yes I wish they had it in adult sizes. I admit it!

Now, other than the totally eerie feeling something else struck me and I'm really wondering. I really think this is a reflection of something larger in the works and that is Japan becoming a global trendsetter. The internet has really helped so much of Japan's culture get out there! And people are gobbling up various aspects of Japanese culture. Yes there has always been Sanrio but I really think ever since Pokemon there's been no turning back on Japan. I love it personally. I find it exciting and neat all at the same time. More and more kids are emulating different looks from Japan like decora and Lolitas. And among the more conservative crowd there is definitely a big desire for every day things Japanese whether it be cooking supplies for bento or gorgeous fabric and notions. It's definitely fun watching the world take notice of the more subtle aspects of Japanese culture. Everyone knows Sanrio, anime/manga, and electronics but these other little discoveries are being made and I think to a wonderful reception. It makes having my store even more exciting too. I've kind of become a brand hunter. I'm searching for brands and distributors of things I just don't see in American websites. Why not? They are appealing to the eye and functional. And, what seems to be key to people buying these things, different. I've always enjoyed discovering something and introducing it to my friends and such things. The store is giving me that oppportunity on a larger scale.

Anyways, I thought I'd share. I'm gonna go eat my leftover chicken katsu for lunch =P


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