Yay Blogosphere!

Thank you blogosphere you rock my socks.

Thanks ot the secret pal knitting swap on LiveJournal I found Becca, cupcakedancer who is not only sweet and interesting but also owns the Dame Candle Company. I = candle lover extraordinaire. So when I found her journal and her store and saw her products and all that jazz I thought about it for maybe two minutes and placed an order. It came today and I am here to sing her praises and send her as many candle lovers as I possibly can. Don't walk RUN!

I bought the beautiful white tart burner (it reminds me of a cute ghost especially lit up) and  the variety sampler of 12. So here are a few things I'm going to tell you so that I may enable you to buy some stuff from her. 🙂 First of all the box arrived today and I was VERY worried because it was REALLY hot and really fragrant. So I worried the South FLorida heat devastated my gorgeous tarts and I ran inside with my box and tore it open. Well the tarts were perfectly fine almost even MOCKING me like "You thought this heat would hurt us? HAHAHAHA!" Silly tarts. Well they are amazingly delish and my sampler included such wonderful scents as Grapefruit, Lilac, Sugar Cookie Dough, Wonderland, Mermaid Splash, and Fresh Laundry. It also included one called Umbrella Drink which is what I am burning now and why I had to run over here to tell you all about her. I read off all 12 names to Eldest and let him pick and he liked umbrella drink. It smells SO GOOD and my whole house is perfumed and I'm happy as can be. Part of me wants to place a new order right now but I want to try ALL of the tarts first and order my faves. I definitely like this tart thing possibly even MORE than candles. What is GOING ON? Ok so yeah take a look at her products. They rock. And really now isn't it extra great knowing you're buying something from a really sweet and cool chick instead of a huge corporation? Yeah me too!


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