Looking Ahead

Well! The days are flying past until we leave for New York. I love visiting New York especially on business since the hotel and flight are paid for. But really I love love love visiting the city. I don't want to live in New York but I wish I could vacation there twice a year. is that odd?

Something else that's odd. It feels as if all of my online buddies have suddenly found their lives flying past at a hectic pace. Everyone is suddenly so busy and I miss them! I think I'm going to start dropping some letters in the mail box. It's almost as if this fast pace demands a slow method of communication. What IS it about writing and receiving letters that makes it so magical? Not even packages. Packages are like fun explosions. But letters are so special. I mean how often do you get to sit down to read a letter? I need some stationery. I have beautiful cards and things but am lacking in pretty letter sets. I have a few but still. It's never enough is it?

I thought I had a lot to say but I guess I really don't. Today was really just a fucking nuts kind of day. On the drive home my eyes were teary and I wanted to cry but J was there and I didn't want to cry in front of him. Quick rundown? Ok fine. Then I'm off.

1) Told J he should stay at his mom's with Eldest and watch the Dolphins game while I went with Daughter to mall to shop for kids' "winter" clothes. He said nah he wanted to come with us but Eldest could stay.

2) Pulling into the in-laws' house J says I should go and let him get gas now. I said we could do it when we leave his parents' house. He said he wasn't going to the mall he was staying because I said he could.

3) I got mad. Let him fill car with gas. Left.

4) Daughter cries the second she was put in the carseat. Cried the entire way. I missed the onramp. Ended up in the ghetto. Turned around. Made it to my mom's house. I get there and see Daughter's carseat had tipped over to the SIDE. J hadn't strapped the car base in properly at all. BTW we are using his car this weekend because mine is at the shop after dying on us on the onramp Friday night.

5) Had to figure out and fix the carseat in the SCORCHING HUMID UCKY heat. Had to feed Daughter. Grabbed her ginormous stroller. Went to mall.

6) Daughter stayed in the stroller for about an hour. After that I had to carry her facing outwards.

7) As I'm in Claire's with a basket full of stuff I realize Daughter has taken the biggest dump of her life and it has oozed out of her diaper down her legs and onto my pants– my white pants. I drop the basket on the floor, shove Daughter in the stroller, and haul ass to the nearest bathroom. By the time I get there she has poop on her feet, legs, chest, arms, hands, and all over the stroller.

8) I realize I have no wipes.

9) Removed her diaper and clothes. Toweled her off with paper towels. Gave up. Rinsed her off in the sink. Dried her up. Put on a new diaper. Put on a new set of clothes (this has KINDA happened before). Threw away the onesie she had been wearing cause it was YUCK. I scrubbed and scrubbed my pants but they had a light stain.

10) Went back to Claire's, picked up my basket off the floor where I dropped it, went to the checkout line, paid, and left. Did NOT buy the gorgeous halloween decorations at last call neiman marcus.

11) Went to my friends' house to wait for J and his family.

12) Met them for dinner.

13) Eldest behaved like the biggest worst most god awful spoiled brat in the universe. Fought back the extreme desire to slap him when he talked back to me again and again. Wondered who kidnapped my child and replaced him with the son of satan. Almost killed my mother in law when she laughed when I explained how he was talking back to me. Skipped dessert to just leave already. I NEVER skip dessert at this place.

14) Drove home trying not to cry.

15) Unwound and am now here.



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