Three Months

Daughter turned three months old today, September 13, 2006. She’s beautiful and big and STRONG and happy and lovely. She rolled over from her tummy to her back the day after she turned two months. She laughs and smiles and lights up the room. She coos and gaaas and goooos and ehs. Mostly she goes ah ah ah or eh eh eh. It’s fun. We tease her. She laughs. She adores her brother and is fascinated by him. Some days she has serious preference for her father and other days, although a much rarer occassion, it’s nothing but mamitis (mah-ME-tees). She’s a good sleeper and a good baby. Pretty tolerant of things but can get bored fast. She’s also quite good at going from 0 – 60 in 2 seconds or less. She’s fine and happy and suddenly- WAAAAAAAAAAH! At the same time, she’s pretty easily soothed. I love her to pieces. I’m so happy she’s here.


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