Tired and Resisting

I’m so tired but completely resisting a rest. HA HA horrid pun. ANYWAYS.
My body’s fried but my brain is going a thousand miles. I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to do for Christmas as far as the store is concerned. I have some feelers out there for a few other brands I would love to carry. But then again I don’t want to over-extend myself. The thing is the limitlessness of it all. And the more you look and search and work and email the more you find. So that’s what the brain is doing. Imagining wondering calculating.

Question for ye knitters. Ribbing. Is it something that only STARTS as a pain in the ass and gets better or is it a pain in the ass the whole way through? I started a scarf ages ago which I abandoned and even frogged but now I’m starting another one. Every now and then I’ll hit a stitch that is just wicked to get my needle into and I don’t know if it’s that it’s ribbing to blame or the needles (bamboo) or the yarn (caron simply soft) or a combination. I swear I almost broke the yarn the first row or two. It seems to be getting better. Any guesses are welcome.


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