It's DONE. My heavens. There are some odds and ends left in the dining room that need sorting, trashing, putting away, etc but I am so so so done that it's going to have to wait. I love my little sanctuary. It's a little warm in here compared to the rest of the house but it's a good thing I'm a cold blooded girl 😉 My favorite part, and I'm sure it's J's favorite too but for different reasons, is CLOSING THE DOOR. With music playing and that door closed there IS no outside as far as I'm concerned. And I know that right now with Daughter still being a little baby who doesn't sleep through the night like Eldest does that it's not super practical but I'll get there and when I do I'll appreciate it and I know that. So here it is starting with the view from the door and going counterclockwise because if I went clockwise you'd see the washing machine and that's not exciting:


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