My Space

The reason we bought a three bedroom townhouse instead of a 4 is because other than the fact that was the most we could afford we noted the townhouse had a nice sized garage. Nice enough to convert to half an office half a storage area type of deal. A temporary conversion that should the next owners be itching to park a car in their garage, well they could easily drive it through a simple light dry wall and have a garage where there once was a storage/office area. That idea is finally coming to fruition now, six months after moving in. In the meanwhile what would be an office has completely blown up in what should be a dining room. And no I refuse to take pictures of that chaos. However, I will happily show you photos of my developing office. Yesterday my husband informed me that I'd need to empty out the office side of the garage before he got home so he and his dad could lay down the vinyl tile we'd purchased. So yesterday when he came back from work, there was this  in the garage:

And there was this in the living room:

They finished laying down the tile and shoved some things in there but today his father came back and finished 95% of the baseboard. There's literally like a foot missing by the door. Also furniture was moved from the storage side to the office side and additional furniture brought from my parents' house and my dining room explosion.

I have been working in there all freaking day today helping J's dad with this that and the other. Helping him move the desk. And then moving the shelf in by myself. And then hanging artwork and things. And then helping J get the hutch in and the chest of drawers. And then organizing. I am maybe half done. No, maybe only 35%. I don't know. My dining room is worse now as the shelf that was hiding things and stashing things has been taken away and put in the garage. I'm trying to figure out how to use my space and my furniture so everything fits and, more importantly, fits sensibly. So right now this is where we stand. This is the view of my office from the door to the garage in the living room:

And here is the wall to the left of all of that where my computer desk will go once we figure out the wireless network thing and all that. This is also next to the door to the storage half of the garage. I came up with the idea of dividing it in two spaces so that the office would remain cool with the installation of a huge giant beautiful fan. We need to paint the door frame.

And then this is the wall adjacent to the living room door opposite the desk.

So there you have it. My office in progress. My space. My dwelling. My refuge. I absolutely love it. It's "my" room. I can be as girly as I want to in there and do whatever amuses me. I still have more artwork to frame and put up. Funny enough note the lack of photos. I think I just might keep it that way. I want it to be an illustrated place. Does that make sense? There are enough photos in my home I guess. Anyways, it sounds like Daughter's fussing again. I should get to bed. I am so so so tired and so sore. LONG WEEKEND!! That means I get the hubby home a whole extra day. Good times. I hope you all enjoy it as well. I'll be working like a little bee in my space. Hooray!!

By the way, I just drank some blueberry iced tea that my coloriffic partner sent me last month and it was yum. Just thought I'd throw that out there in case she reads this every now and then. Funny enough I can't wait to start showcasing swap things like the day of the dead ATC Theresa sent me a while back. I'm trying to find a frame for it. And the Tink that Cori sent me is up already. She fits right in I tell you. And I'll have to buy another piece by Ellia since I'm sure I'm going to put the one I bought in Daughter's room. Maybe I'll get the panty one heehee. OK I'm going now!


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