It's been a strange few days around here. Money stress has started up. And stupid little things too. Eldest got a fever on Friday. Daughter got vaccines Thursday so she's been fussy all weekend long. Last night was god awful. And through all of this I got word Saturday that my best friend's father passed away on Friday. That took the wind out of me. He's been sick for three years. Ironically they found out he was ill the day of my baby shower for Eldest. He was an incredibly nice man. A gentle person. A man of the sea. He loved fishing and his boat. He took us to Bimini a couple of times. I guess the thing is despite his being sick three years he was, fine. I saw him last Thursday, the 17th. His tongue was swollen because of the illness or whatever but he was sitting in a chair working on some things. Talked to me as best as he could. He met my babies finally. Weird isn't it? My best friend is pretty much not dealing with it. Which I get. I can't imagine what my reaction will be when that day comes to me. I can picture either extreme- uncontrollable emotion or ice. Nothing in the middle though. Maybe I'm wrong. I dunno. But it's unsettling. The wake was today. Her mother is worried about her. I'm not worried for her because I know her but I'm just I dunno… waiting. Tomorrow is the burial. I hate burials.

To top off all of the fun activities there is a freaking hurricane brewing out there. Time to play the wait and see game again. Well really this marks the beginning. Hurricane season technically starts much earlier in the summer but the real action starts now. They forecast another busy season so we'll see what happens.


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