For Ellia

Per Ellia's Request, here are ten things I do when not crafting

1. Work for my boss. This usually consists of phone calls and lots of research online and emails.

2. Work on my store. I know the store hasn't been updated but trust me that doesn't mean I don't work every day for Colorful Cute. Just the other day I was busy registering the shop name. And the day before that I was busy finding other brands to carry (Decole, anyone?) as well as other ways of getting Cram Cream. And of course there's always orders to ship.

3. Entertain Eldest.

4. Entertain Daughter.

5. Play Animal Crossing on Gamecube– my new obsession.

6. Surf the web- blogs, message boards, flickr, myspace, emails, STORES, etc.

7. Pick up the neverending messes.

8. Chat on AIM.

9. Watch some TV like Surviving Motherhood and Entourage and The Office.

10. Write thank you cards, letters, etc. I am really into mail. It was a lost art for a little while but I'm loving it all over again.


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