In Summary

Things here have been at a feverish pace. You should know that Eldest turned three years old on Saturday. I am so happy and so proud of my little one. The party was amazing. I bypassed the charm (and stress) of a party at my house inclusive of all those homemade charms and went straight for the ease and convenience of a party at the Miami Children's Museum. I need to explain, I think, that my family here in South Florida is quite large and expect to be invited to everything. I have no problem with this because I know they truly care for us and are really intrigued by Eldest and Daughterand so I understand. But having 50 – 60 people in a townhouse on a HOT humid day in Miami is just not a good thing. The museum staff decorated everything. They provided the food. They entertained the children. I got to focus on being the good hostess chatting up the guests. And I got to try and keep an eye on Eldest as he raced from gallery to gallery with the rest of the kids. Daughter miraculously slept through most of the party. And when awake was very content being carried by either her grandparents or my aunt. Everyone has continued to tell me they enjoyed themselves tremendously and so I think it was money well spent. And honestly, I probably would've spent about the same had I done it here or at a hot hot hot park so I'm just completely pleased. Pictures will come soon I promise. Things have just been really busy here.

Sunday Daughter turned two months old. ^_^ She's smiling tons more these days.

Something else happened on Sunday. The Miami Herald ran several articles on how it appears a large amount of middle class Miami citizens are abandoning the city in favor of other locales. The fact is, J and I have increasingly been discussing the same thing. Part of me is terrified to leave. I mean you have to understand the support network I have here is incredible. However. To work and work and save and pinch and stress time and again about bills and things it's just overwhelming. Especially for something you don't want. What exactly are we paying such high prices for? A townhouse in a rural area south of Miami. We are a stressful and traffic filled 45 minute drive at least from Miami Beach and Downtown which is where the great restaurants and things are. The schools here are horrific and so we'd pretty much be forced to put the kids in private school to ensure they get a good education. The money just keeps flying out of pockets and no end is in sight. No relief. So I looked up the Money article on the 2006 Best Places to Live. And the wheels turned and turned and turned and turned. And right now we are looking very closely at Houston, Texas. Very. Closely. We've priced out the housing market in the city itself and its suburbs. We've looked at the school districts for the homes we really fancied. J looked at job opportunities (they're very much there). All that is left is a trip, the first of several I hope, to the Houston area itself to get as best a feel as we possibly can. I understand there is no such thing as a perfect place. It just doesn't exist and to be convinced one does exist is setting yourself up for big time disappointment. But there is such a thing as better. And when it comes to beating out Miami, it's just not hard to do. TRUST ME. So that's going right now. Should be interesting what happens but I see us leaving South Florida at some point in 2007. I wonder…


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