A shirt for the birthday boy

So for the past few days I've been mulling over a shirt idea for Eldest to wear to his party. I figured I'd get a t-shirt and do a freezer paper stencil of a jolly roger and call it a day. So last night when I ran off to Wal-Mart for milk and ink I cruised through the kids' clothing section to take a look at what they had. Well they, of course, had no solid colored plain jane t-shirts. Nada. They did however have a very nice plain white button up long sleeve shirt. The gears went nuts in my brain. I was super excited and grabbed two because I had a couple ideas and wasn't sure which would work. Well it's a good thing I grabbed two because I wasn't thrilled with my first attempt. But my second attempt? I LOVE it. The jolly roger I used is actually a foam sticker Eldest has. I scanned it and enlarged it and printed it as a guide.

While I waited for that to dry and walked around with Daughter trying to calm her down I got another idea for using freezer paper stencils. Forget fabric paints. How would bleach work? Well I love the effect but it needs tweaking. In case you wondered I poured bleach in a cup and brushed it on. What I'm thinking for next time is buying one of those bleach pens and using that for the edges and the brush to fill in. But yeah I grabbed our drop cloth and experimented. Pretty rad huh?


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