Alive and Well

I swear I'm alive and I swear things are fine just ultra busy. Hopefully they'll slow down soon? Doubtful though. The store is doing pretty well which is exciting and fun and stressful all at the same time. I am pretty much sold out of deco tapes with just a few exceptions. I already have an order in though from about a week and a half ago and they told me yesterday it should ship next week. That's been the most challenging thing of this process is how long it takes to get things back in. It's not like dealing with a US wholesaler where you get things in right away.

In super exciting news… my sewing machine has arrived. I took it out of the box and I stared at it and I stared at the manual and stared at the machine some more. I even realized the needle it came with was broken and I learned how to switch it for a non broken needle but that's about it. Thankfully a book I ordered came in today, Sewing 101: A Beginner's Guide to Sewing. I am definitely one of those people that learns well with books. I wasn't sure at first but I've learned a lot of things by reading and seeing and following directions. The book is REALLY nice. It's hardcover and spiral bound so it lays flat or you can prop it up which I'm about to do because I have no idea what 80% of my sewing machine does or what the parts are for. The manual isn't as helpful as you'd imagine either. It assumes you KNOW what the heck it's talking about when it says things like bobbin (my mom explained that one to me yay mom) and thread guide. So I'll keep you updated although I don't know that I'll be able to get much practice on it right away. First of all, I have nothing to practice with- no fabric, no thread for instance. Second of all, Eldest turns THREE on Saturday! His birthday party is the same day at the Children's Museum down here. Even though the museum does lots of things, I have to make the favors and I have to help my mom with the cake. There's also the playgroup on Friday.
I'm expecting business to slow down at the shop until all the new stuff comes in so that might work out well. Oh and guess what? I'm trying to get Decole ^_^. I love love love love love Decole and have had the hardest time getting information but things are finally coming together on that. San-X is also on my list still I'm just trying to figure out how I want to do this. For instance, I know I also would like to carry cute things that aren't necessarily a Japanese brand. I have gained so much from the blog craft community that I'd like to give back. So for example there's Kid Pirate and Pancake Meow and Plastic Bat. They make awesome things that fit in so well and I'd like to expand and have a section dedicated to handmade items like that. There are also artists like Ellia and Theresa who I'd like to feature as well. So yeah I don't want to be limited to just mass marketed things, but also provide shoppers with a chance to own something truly unique. I personally think that's the funnest way- mix and match. I've asked a friend to help me design a mascot for the store. It's something I've wanted from the beginning but I couldn't wait on him to launch the store you know? So we'll see how that goes. Any ideas? I'm blank.


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