At the risk of sounding like a broken record

I. Am. So. So. So. Tired.


Crying Babies, Temper Tantrums, Rolling Eyes, Late Paychecks, Bank Account Balances, Bank Fees, Bills, My Dining Room, Buying Wrong Sized Boxes, Standing in Lines, Big Kid Dirty Diapers, Heat, Humidity, My Garage, My Wardrobe, Zero Motivation, Insecurity (about my looks, about my level of creativity, about my artistic abilities, about my capabilities as a mother, etc.), Hormonally Fueled Emotional Roller Coasters, Feeling  Like There's not Enough Time, Physical Exhaustion, Not Knowing What to Eat, Equifax, Ants, Healthy Food, Forgetfulness, Being Easily Distracted, Being Easily Frustrated, Gas Prices, Scrapbooks Etc., and Complaining (no really, it's true).

The things I am excited about:

1) I am getting a sewing machine for my birthday from my mom!

2) Fidel Castro handing power over to his younger brother– the end is near you bastard. I am so grateful my grandfather has lived to see this day.

3) Buying my first Kid Pirate items- a skull and crossbones shirt and a girly pirate shirt. Both are perfect for Eldest's birthday party next weekend!

4) TLC's show Surviving Motherhood. I instantly feel sane.


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