I found time to make things!

Well somehow I managed to get in some serious crunch craft time and finished all of the handmades for the swaps I needed to send out. For Coloriffic, I also made a set of notecards but it has her name all over it so I won't show those. I also want to make a cd but I am out of blank cds!!! I'll put the playlist for it at the bottom anyways. Now if only I can manage to finish off that purse! I still have a bit to do this weekend though. I have to wrap up my sister in law's gifts and make her cake for which I have to go and buy the ingredients I forgot. And now I'm wondering if I should make cupcakes instead of the cake version. Decisions!

Project Spectrum July Card:

Coloriffic Swap O Rama:

Coloriffic Playlist

1) Judy Garland- Over the Rainbow
2) Nena- 99 Red Balloons
3) Bob Marley vs Funkstar Deluxe- Rainbow Country
4) REM- Orange Crush
5) Ramones- She Talks to Rainbows
6) Coldplay- Yellow
7) Carpenters- The Rainbow Connection
8) Faithless- Evergreen
9) Donna Summer- I'm a Rainbow
10) Squirrel Nut Zippers- Blue Angel
11) Elvis Presley- Pocketful of Rainbows
12) Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington- Mood Indigo
13) The Rolling Stones- She's a Rainbow
14) Madonna & Orbit- Ray of Light Ultra Violet Mix
15) Judy Garland- I'm Always Chasing Rainbows


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