In My Life

Ellia invited me to join the Flickr group In My Life and I went ahead and dove in because I'd been eyeing it for a bit anyways and was enjoying seeing it show up all over blogs. Yesterday was supposed to be a normal day so I decided to do it then and then we ended up having an impromptu play date. So I did it anyways! Here is morning, noon, afternoon, and night.

You know, the other day we were all in the car coming home from I forget where and I suddenly blurt out, "I need friends." And J looked at me and laughed and asked, "What you don't like our friends anymore?" And it's not that at all. I adore my friends but well they meet different needs and yet all of my needs aren't met with just them. Does this make sense? I guess the biggest thing I'm lacking is a fellow mother friend. Right now I have several mother aquaintances. And that's nice but it's not the same. Yesterday I went to my friend's house for play date. Let me explain about her. She was actually my boss years and years ago when I got my first official job at Blockbuster music. We hit it off so well and worked together for about three years I think it was. Well after I left the music store and stuff I fell out of touch with her and more so when the stores closed down and I lost contact with her. Then a couple of years ago we ran into each other at Joann's. And lo and behold we both had little boys. Her son is about six months younger than Eldest. Well we exchanged info and for whatever reason didn't do anything. So one day I joined a meetup for stay at home moms and while chatting and stuff I suddenly realized that one of the members was HER. We were so excited and we went to a meetup together and had a riot. And then I was kicked out of the group for not attending enough events. LMAO yes I was kicked out of playgroup. Too cool for playgroup people! Too cool! Well this time we stayed in tough through email and we got together a couple of times. She came to Eldest's second birthday, we went to her son's second birthday, we went to the park one time, and yesterday we went to her house. And it was SO NICE. So she totally made my day when she told me she is starting her own playgroup that will be very small, about five moms, all with kids 2 – 3 years old who play nice together. We'd mostly meet at each others homes and stuff. She wants to do things like felt board and all kinds of activities. I am so uber excited about that. We had such a nice afternoon. Eldest was LOVING it. He threw a huge tantrum when it was time to go. But I mean it was nice talking to someone who I get along with already about all of these things that we're both going through. And you get the same feeling from the internet but it's just a little different in person. Does any of this make sense? Is this something you guys can relate to? It's just so much easier to cope with things or stick to things when people you know are going through it too or learning too or doing it too. And the blogs do provide some of that on a certain level. Oh my god I get great emails from some of you and I LOVE reading your blogs and I LOVE reading your comments and in a way for me that's just the beginning of satisfying what I need, you know? I guess in a way meeting all of you amazing people has made me want to find people to connect with here even MORE. I'm sorry this went on such a random tangent but I've been meaning to post about this whole want of mine for a while now and the playdate yesterday totally cemented that for me.

On a completely different note, here is the package I am sending for Coloriffic Swap O Rama August. The color motif is rainbow. The handmade items are not there.


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