So I'm in the completely overwhelmed mode and I'm trying to start chipping away at the stuff overwhelming me. It's not easy but there's just a lot going on.

As mentioned, Colorful Cute's doing pretty well. Nothing to like drive me insane but enough that I have something to do for it every day and that's nice.

I'm in swaps again this month heehee. Feed the addiction!

There's the Just a Kid swap through Ellia. I sent my package to my partner yesterday. I hope she likes it. It was lots of fun to put together.

There's the LiveJournal Secret Pal Swap which I got my July package from Paper Monkey yesterday? Monday? I can't remember they days are melted together. Surprisingly the choco was fine but the SUPER cute candles were smashed to smithereens! It's a shame too because I totally would've loved them in my new office (more on that in a bit). But it also brought me some cute goodies and my first knitting magazine! Wow knitting magazines have some drool-worthy patterns. I also got some REALLY pretty yarn and I'm SUPER excited about that Noro! I keep hearing awesome things about it.

There's also the August Coloriffic Swap which is Rainbow themed and has been a RIOT to shop for. I have to STOP buying things and it's really hard! I have to make the handmades for this swap. I have a definite concrete idea- a cd but I have two ideas that I have the IDEA of what I want to do and the supplies but I haven't ironed out the details and am worried about how they'll look in the end. They are by the way a set of aprons for mother and child for which I'd like to use the freezer paper stencils and a set of notecards. I love making notecards for this swap because I just don't think you can ever have enough notecards. Especially personalized ones!!

And of course there's the Project Spectrum Postcard Swap for July which is PURPLE! YAY PURPLE! For this one I know EXACTLY what I want to do I just have to sit and get the papers together and do it.

Then there's the private swap which is also color themed but in this one we each chose our own color theme so if I share the color theme my partner chose and she reads this she'll know I have her. But let me tell you, this is another color combo that is just too much fun to shop for and I have GOT to stop buying things for it LOL. I also have to make the handmade for that one and it's also going to be personalized note cards.

So those are the swaps. Then there's the whole conversion thing. Ok, when we bought this townhouse we were ok with it being a three bedroom because it had a small garage. We were going to convert the garage into a space we could use and really this past week with all of the stuff for the store and everything just turning CHAOTIC in what should be the dining room, my husband decided enough was enough and he and his dad began putting up a wall to divide the garage in half. Half of it will be my office/craft area and the other half will be storage. I am, of course, VERY excited about getting my own office/craft area. It will have two desks in it and good amounts of shelving although not enough if we use only what we have now. You don't understand how frustrated I have been with the mess in my dining room. It is SO bad I'm not taking pictures of it because it depresses me to dwell on it. So instead I'm just focusing on my new room. I bought paint for it, Silverberry from Behr. And I'm picking up knick knacks for it here and there as I spot them. So anyways, we're almost done. The wall is up it just needs to be plastered. The door needs to be finished. We need to set down the floor, a vinyl tile that looks like slate. And of course, we need to paint. And then start moving things around everywhere. By the way, you should know my husband is very proud of the ceiling fan as he did it all by himself. Also, a good amount of the crap in these pictures are not craft room crap or even office crap. I'm not sure what kind of crap they are actually so I'll call it needs to be sorted crap. The first picture is from the door to the garage connected to the house. The second is from the new wall facing across. I will have the washing machine, dryer, and water heater as neighbors so I insisted on a huge ceiling fan which I usually am not a fan of (haha pun not intended but it works). And finally there is a swatch of my paint color.


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