Ok here are some vintage magazines up for grabs, trades, whatever. ^_^ If you're interested email me

Woman's Day April 1962
– Complete Pocket Guide to Washington
– Stroll Gardens
– Needlepoint
– Grandma's Cookies
– The right kind of care for beautiful hair
– Brand new antiques to make
– Round the world egg recipes
– New Fashions to knit

Woman's Day May 1962
– How to decorate with color
– Learn a new foreign language the new way
– Far eastern traditions plus a sewing lesson
– Italian cook book
-Special Bonus Feature: Woman's Day Guide to Entertaining at Home- 150 tips on food, table decorations, centerpieces, etc.

Woman's Day September 1962
– Back to school clothes: coats, jackets, skirts, dresses, sweaters
– How to make a success of your church fair
– Needlepoint handbags designed exclusively for Woman's Day
– The answers to 25 beauty questions most often asked by our readers
– 5 wonderful, workable, playable children's rooms
– Pies! Pies! Pies! 40 Delicious recipes
– Special 8 page bonus book: 150 magic sewing tips for your home, your family, yourself

Woman's Day February 1963
– How to be beautiful: A special bonus book for all ages
– Let's have a beanfest: 20 hearty dishes
– 34 extra special pork recipes
– To my valentine by Ogden Nash
– Sweaters! Sweaters! 20 exciting new imports to knit
– Are you wise about money?
– 9 handsome storage chests

Woman's Day March 1963
– Maternity Clothes
– 8 page beauty book
– Heirloom cakes
– Hooked rugs for you to make
– Duck dinners
– Shellfish cook book
– America's public gardens: 25 world famous gardens in full color

Woman's Day May 1963
– Golden opportunities for the golden years
– Every woman will enjoy a beauty bath
– Cooking with herb seeds
– What you should know about fats in your diet
– All around the house: How to decorate with color
– 15 delicious, flavorful recipes: Spring Casseroles
– More clothes for less money: A sewing lesson on summer shifts
– Collector's cook book: Layer Cakes
– American Needlework Series: Hawaiian Quilts
– Guide to America's Historic Restorations

Woman's Day June 1963
– 10 Very special cheesecake recipes
– Summer hair styles
– Heirloom crewel coverlets
– Red, white, and blue play clothes
– Special feature in full color: Summer flower arrangements
– Outdoor eating portfolio
– Steak Cook Book


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