A Quickie

Just a quick post. I’m alive and tired. Daughter is demanding more and more time in someone’s arms and since most days it’s just me and Eldest here, well she’s often being held by yours truly. Which is very sweet but exhausting. Eldest’s third birthday is just a few weeks away (August 12) and so I’m trying to get all of that taken care of. And then my birthday comes right after (August 18) and I could care less what I do but would like something involving my sitting in a comfy chair and a delicious cake.

Speaking of cake, my sister in law’s birthday is coming up as well at the end of the month and I’m making her cake. An invention I have in mind. I’ll keep you posted.

I have to take Daughter to the doctor tomorrow for her check up and she’s getting her ears pierced! YAY. I can’t wait to see how much she’s grown and I can’t wait to see her with little earrings. ^_^

I have some pictures to share but haven’t had the time to even get them off the damn camera let alone up here. It will all come soon.

I have swaps to send out this week- Just a Kid and Project Spectrum’s Postcard. And then in a couple of weeks it’s the Coloriffic Swap and the private group’s swap. I’ve had an idea for Project Spectrum’s swap for days now and just have to DO IT. We’ll see how often I can get my sister in law to come over this week. She came over today for a few hours and it was a godsend. Really she played with Eldest and held Daughter and maybe I should have relaxed but I was so tired of being tied up and unable to do much that I immediately started going around the house cleaning, straightening, and doing laundry. Then she sat and saw a movie with Eldest while Daughter and I ran to the bank and for groceries. I was able to come home and cook dinner. And afterwards, Daughter and I went to Target. I love Target. Makes me SO happy. I got some REALLY cute swap goodies and some cute stuff for my sister in law and just a little something for me. 😉 Ok Daughter is asleep and so I’m going to bed.

Ta-ta dahlings!


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