Why I need to sew

Ok as promised, here are pictures of the reasons why I love the November Woman’s Day Issues. They feature a whole section on gifts to make for Christmas. Look at these beautiful projects please. Also, I’ve never been interested in things like aprons or quilts but some of the ones featured here make me think twice for sure!! This is pretty graphic-heavy so I’m putting the images under the cut.

On this sheet I adore the teddy bear made of terry cloth and velveteen. I hardly see any velveteen toys these days and there are tons in these pages. Also the ballerina is darling.

Ok apron love!!! I adore the ladybug one and the gingham one is beautiful. I can easily picture these as skirts. Also, the sachets are so pretty and made of ribbon. The belt with the sewing pocket is priceless and would make a great gift for someone you know who sews. And talk about a look in the past, how much do you love the red bedjacket?!?!

I adore the party pinafore and the frou-frou pinafore and the hostess skirt is the epitome of elegance.

Ok this one, Teresa I hope you’re watching. Check out the polar bear please!! I thought of you instantly!

Another example of me never really liking something and suddenly loving it. Can you PLEASE check out the quilt?!?! How fab is that quilt!?!?!

I love oh just about everything onn this page. The donkey, the ball, the dolls in their bed, the PLACEMATS, and that teddy bear!!!

The cat, the ELEPHANT, the turtle, and the pig are to die for. BTW the turtle and the pig are sit-on toys.

The little dresses are so lovely!! And again, apron love!

ANOTHER awesome quilt. I mean these are seriously cool!!

These dolls have such sweet faces. And what a great idea. My favorite is the Japanese one (duh).

That’s all I have. I hope you had as much fun as I did with these. And maybe you’re inspired too! If anyone out there who can sew wants the patterns for some of these projects, let me know. They’re in the back of the magazine with directions.


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