I recently got my hands on a stash of vintage Woman’s Day magazines- 21 of them from the 1960s. Anyways, I’ve had them sitting in a pile and haven’t really gotten a chance to look at them much- until today.  Holy cow these are great!!! There is so much fun stuff in there but by far my absolute favorites are the November issues. Ok can someone PLEASE come on down and teach me how to sew? I vow that my next large purchase will be a sewing machine. I’m going to learn so help me. Some of the projects in these two issues are to die for. These are just the covers cause a certain month old baby is being fussy but it’s enough I’m sure to get you as excited as I am. By the way, I’ve decided to only keep ten of them and a friend of mine wants a couple but I’m going to have some available for trade or even just to give away so keep checking in here. But yeah, look at these!!


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