Project Spectrum June and July

Alright well I finally got my card for June done. I decided to go with the traditional card route for whatever reason. So heading over to Laura in Ohio is my late card in a coordinating envelope which Theresa turned me on to making ages ago.

And I finally have a picture of my July Project Spectrum project- the purse my secret pal sent me. I already caught on I made a boo boo and that my bag will 1) be a LITTLE smaller than the pattern bag and 2) the pattern will not be at the bottom but more towards the top/middle. I miscalculated something but it’s alright. I like it anyways. 🙂 It’s a VERY forgiving pattern this purse.

So that’s where I’m at as far as keeping my hands busy with something relaxing. Which is good because it sounds like I have to go keep my hands busy with something not so relaxing as SOMEONE is waking up from her nap.


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