Sneaking in a post

There's a three week old baby on my lap. She's crying. I don't know why. She's fed. She's clean. I've changed her position a few times and she just slows down to a whine. Swaddled? Check. Oh look a momentary respite comes courtesy of placing her on her tummy on my lap all swaddled up. Wonder how long that will last… better get this entry typed up fast!

Happy fourth. We're not big on celebrating here but we did make our way outside to watch whatever fireworks we could see from the yard. Eldest liked it.

Speaking of Eldest. We started potty training yesterday and that has been an unequivocal disaster (did I do that right? unequivocal? I'm so fried these days). He holds his pee in until he can't take it anymore and hides and pees on the floor. He will happily sit on his potty and do- nothing. We tried the bribery thing and we get the "But I alread have toys" response. Thanks kid. Thanks a lot. And candy to get him to sit on the potty is useless because sitting on it isn't the problem. J did some reading and I'm going to try my best to stick it out but I'm really not wanting to.

The crying has begun again. I'll make a note of two things I want to write about when I get a moment of non-crying. Actually three. No wait, four.

1) New issue of Domino came in- LOVE IT.

2) I hate the postcard I made for Project Spectrum June. No really. Hate it.

3) Knitty Gritty on DIY. YAY.

4) Project Spectrum's July color is Purple hence the new look here. Also, super excited about making the purse my secret pal sent me because she sent PURPLE yarns. perfect! Also, on a related note but not really- the body of the seal is done knitting wise. However, the evil knitting gnome has stolen ALL OF MY YARN NEEDLES and so it remains a lifeless flat piece of knitting.

Crying has progressed to screaming. Must run.


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