Secret Pal!

I think that my favorite thing about blogland has to be the increase in awesome mail which is pretty ironic if you think about it. Remember when the internet started picking up speed and people hailed the end of the post office system because of e-mail? Funny enough, now that I am on the internet I send and receive more mail- and mostly it’s more than just a 39 cent letter too! Today I got my first package from the Secret Pal on LiveJournal Swap.

Oh my GOD! My anonymous sender goes by the name Paper Monkey and I cannot wait to know who she is because she is so sweet, thoughtful, generous, and just awesome-o. My package today was amazing! AMAZING. She totally nailed my tastes right on the head and I just can’t begin to tell you how good that makes someone feel. I have photos but Sadie is crying. Two great swaps in a row. I’m thrilled!

Ok I’m editing my entry to add the photo of the goodies:

I really hope I can make my swapee feel as special as she made me!


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