Colorifficness and other things

I’m heading to the post office today with my coloriffic package. It’s heading to Europe. I had a really good time getting it together. For the handmade I made a set of personalized notecards and I made a cd of brown and blue music. I would’ve loved to do something more complicated like a freezer stencil purse or something but with the baby here I just haven’t been able to go to the store for supplies and stuff so I had to make do with my stash. The smudges at the bottom of the card are not really there I just photoshopped them on so I could hide her name.

In baby world, Daughter must be going through a growth spurt. She went from waking up every three to even four hours to waking up every two, two and a half hours to eat. YIKES! And I know I’ve mentioned that Eldest won’t kiss or hug her yet. As a matter of fact if I’m holding her and he wants to hug me, he’ll hug me on the side she’s not on. But I know he loves her very much and he’s been wonderful. He even got her to take a pacifier so she could nap. She just won’t take it from me- probably cause she knows I’ve got the real deal and am holding back on her!


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