Itching to Shop

I'm dying to shop. DYING. But I'm trying to fend off the urge because my hips haven't come back to their normal size and so I'm not sure what to do in the pants department. I'm actually making do with these maternity cargo pants from Old Navy, a pair of giant white linen capoeira type pants, and a pair of Brazilian stretch jeans which I'm so damn tired of. The thing is, it's freaking HOT. Have you ever gotten an idea for an outfit in your head and all you want to do is wear THAT outfit? I've done it a few times. My latest idea? A long tunic over some short shorts and a pair of pretty flat sandals. Add huge sunglasses, huge bag, and MAYBE a thick headband and big pretty earrings and the "look" is complete. Yes, basically I want to look like I am ALWAYS on the way to the beach. To, not from because from the beach your hair is a mess and you're sweaty and in my case a little red. Old Navy is apparently having a huge sale which is nice because I don't mind buying things that probably won't fit in a couple of months if they're not expensive.

With that whole thing in mind, I've been endlessly eyeing this top:

And shorts like these:

The one item that eludes me is the pretty sandals. Oh and in case I was actually GOING to a beach or a pool as is more probable, I'd sport this swimsuit underneath to help hide that baby tummy of mine which is very unsightly in a bikini:

So there you go.

Oh and another thing I'm coveting? Dresses. Lots and lots of dresses. Summer dresses. With something like this heading the pack:

I'm going to STOP NOW because my head's going to explode.

OK I didn't stop and I had to run on here to add that the last item links to one of my FAVORITE stores for cheap finds, Forever 21. Their sizing is nuts and I don't recommend shopping online with them because of it. And yes they have many many many tacky things, BUT I'm currently drooling over their amazing selection of tops. Namely the dressy ones. There are really pretty things that I'd love to post images of but they have their site all locked up (pet peeve of mine btw shop owners- HOW are we supposed to spread the love if you make it hard on us?) and I don't have time to do all of the work of ripping the images and uploading them and stuff. But if you have a moment, I suggest you check them out. Definitely get you in the mood for summer.

Forever 21


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