Hell Night

Ok tonight has been the night from hell and yes I know it’s not over yet. J went to see Superman tonight so he was home for maybe an hour and spent a good portion of that showering and getting dressed to go out. I’ve had the kids to myself all day today and his defense is that I had visitors this afternoon- my mom and both of my grandmothers and I had visitors tonight- my sister in law, her little cousin who’s in town, and a friend of ours with her 4 month old baby. The thing is that visitors, even relatives, don’t necessarily mean I get a break. OK yes they entertain Eldest but that doesn’t mean I get to relax. Eldest actually tends to act up MORE with visitors. And with visitors here I really can’t get extra sleep or anything so I try and catch up on chores and things.

Tonight was just wild. It started around 9 when Daughter just started crying and crying and I had just fed her maybe an hour before. I fed her again because nothing else would soothe her. It was actually funny- my friend and I were both nursing at the same time under these privacy capes. We should’ve taken a picture. Anyways, she left and then my sister in law and the cousin were leaving. That’s when things started getting nutty. Eldest decided he was suddenly scared of them and didn’t want to kiss them goodbye or anything. And the thing is, we’ve talked about this with him. He is usually so affectionate with them and then suddenly he gets cranky and doesn’t want to be nice to people because he doesn’t want them to leave. So I had to get tough with him and he wouldn’t bend so it was timeout for him twice in a row. That led to more screaming and crying which set Daughter off.

After timeouts were over, it was bath time. I got Eldest into the tub and I got Daughter in hers. While Eldest played and washed himself, I washed Daughter. As he picked up his bath toys, I got her in a diaper and wrapped her snug in a towel. I got him out of the tub, drained hers, and got Eldest to the bedroom and diapered. Then while he got on his pajamas I got Daughter into hers. Daughter relaxed on her tummy while we finished getting Eldest into his pajamas and his new Elmo slippers. Somewhere along there I had to give him ANOTHER timeout because he started putting his feet by Daughter’s head trying to touch her hair with his toes. He got mad I wouldn’t let him and SMACKED ME. I cannot for the life of me remember the last time Eldest smacked me out of frustration or anger. Seriously! And of course he cried when he went into timeout shaking Daughter out of her tummy time reverie and setting her off- again. Finally it was time for bed and so I got him his milk and a bedtime story. Daughter cried through the whole damn thing which flustered me so bad I really messed up his routine. I didn’t turn on the nightlight at first, I totally forgot the radio, the milk was left on the train table, and when I went to kiss him goodnight? He threw another tantrum because I only read the story once. We always read the story once. Daughter? Still crying. I kissed him good night and told him I loved him and left the room and closed the door while he cried and yelled some more. I took Daughter to my room, shut the door, and worked on soothing her. Then I realized I had never given Eldest his milk, it was in his room somewhere. So I went back in there and handed it to him and said good night again and left again. He was quiet. Good. I quieted down Daughter. Excellent. And then? Eldest finished his milk and started up again. And so did Daughter.

Do you get the picture? It was like this until about 11 something. I fed Daughter again and put her to sleep in her bassinette and Eldest finally fell asleep and I ran away down here to vent. I should be sleeping along with them but honestly I’m so damn FRAZZLED that I couldn’t sleep even if I wanted to.

Today, as if some divine intervention, I got my Coloriffic Swap package. This brought such a huge smile to my face I can’t even begin to explain it. My sender was the amazing Lisa from Lo Sabia (I knew that!). Everything was beautifully wrapped. Every item was thoughtful and wonderful. She put a little tag on everything telling me a little something about it. Turns out, she’s been lurking on this here blog (hi lisa)! I didn’t know I had lurkers! The package also included some BEAUTIFUL handmade items. I really can’t gush enough. Here are SOME pictures of SOME of the goodies.

(This, by the way, was the bedtime story tonight. It is a REALLY cute story and book- he really liked it!!)

And for fun, here is a picture of Eldest in his pajamas modeling his new Elmo slippers and if you look closely at his hand you’ll see he quickly confiscated one of my swap items. ^_^


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