Things are, of course, incredibly interesting here as we all shift and adjust to the new circumstances. Daughter is a big girl and growing quickly. At six days old, she had her first pediatrician visit and weighed in at 7 pounds, 12 ounces and measured 21 inches long. She’s eating well and although one of my poor boobs is having a tough time with it, the other one has it down pat LOL so I’m only cranky every other feeding. Although, it is remarkable how quickly you forget how incredibly demanding breastfeeding is- more so if you’re someone like me who had such a rough time the first time around because a bottle was introduced early on. Bottles scare me so I haven’t really done much pumping but I will. I bought storage bags and the little pump J bought me when I was dying of pain from engorgement works well enough for what I need. But yeah as of right now, I’m the only person who can feed the hungry hungry hippo who has made herself at home here with us.

Eldest is having an interesting time with the new situation. On the one hand, he’s incredibly fascinated by his baby sister. He will ask to hold her, he will ask if she can sleep with him, he will console her if she cries, he wants to help bathe her and change her diaper. Ask him to give her a kiss good morning, good night, goodbye, etc. and you get very definitey no. The same goes for hugs and even a blown kiss. Not going to happen. I just keep telling myself that when he’s ready, it’ll happen and that’s that but some times you just really wish he would. Also, he’ll occasionally let us know he doesn’t want a baby. Um, too late little guy but I know what you mean and don’t worry, you’ll get used to her soon.

My husband has been so interesting to watch. On the one hand, he’s been amazing. He helps with stuff all of the time and doesn’t really give me a hard time. But, if memory does wash away the pain of labor and the frustrations of pregnancy, and all of that, then it must wipe clean the mind of a new father. He is just totally shocked by how often she eats, poops, cries, etc. It makes me wonder if he was around the first time LOL. He does get frustrated though. Easily too. He just came downstairs and dumped her into my arms because he wants to go to sleep and she wants to too- in someone’s arms. And so now I have a little critter crying in my ear and I must go and soothe her instead of tell you about all of the really cute stuff I just updated my store with.

Till next time ^_^


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