The Birth Story

I want to write this down before it all evaporates into a mist.

Monday morning, I reported to my doctor’s office at 10:45 for the NST. I was hooked up to the heart rate monitor and left alone for about 20 minutes. The nurse came in, took a look and went for the doctor so he could take a look. He came in and stood at the door watching the monitor feed slowly come out. Something bugged me about the way he just looked and looked and looked. When they took me off the monitor and I went out to the front desk he told me he wanted me to go next door to the hospital. He wanted me to get another NST and an ultrasound. He had to go home because he had been on call all night and it was a busy night but the other Doctor was there and to have him look at everything when they were done because we needed to decide on an induction date- Tuesday or Wednesday. The testing place didn’t have anything available until 2, so i went to eat lunch, hung around, and finally went next door. And I was hooked up to a much more comfy monitor- in a recliner with a television and a sweet, chatty nurse to keep me company. After half an hour (we watched Montel LOL), she unhooked me and took me to the waiting room until an ultrasound room and tech were available. At the ultrasound she let me know that things looked good but my fluid was low. Hmm. When she was done, I went back to the front desk and said I needed to find my doctor so that he could look at the reports and we could decide on an induction date. They informed me that I’d have to go back to my doctor’s office and do that there- they’d fax the report over. By now, it was about 4 and I was so tired of being there all day long and now I was worried about the fluid situation and was sure they’d have me come back the next day instead of Wednesday. I sat at my doctor’s office for 45 minutes. No report came in and the doctor didn’t stop by the office- he was at the labor and delivery floor. Finally they paged him and told him that I was still there etc etc etc. He told them to have me go back to the labor and delivery floor, walk right in, and tell them he said I had to have him paged and that he needed to speak to me. Ok. Back I went. Of course, at first, the nurses were skeptical. But they humored me and paged him and he called and they put me on the phone with him.

This is what he explained to me. He’d induce me tomorrow morning bright and early. He knew they were planning on inducing me overnight Tuesday to Wednesday but the baby’s heartrate had dropped from its regular beats of 150 to the 130s and once that started happeneing, they simply did not like to put it off any more than necessary. So he was admitting me to the hospital right now and we’d start the process that night and really get it going in the morning. Um. Ok. Wow. So I called my husband while the nurses talked to him and we were both kinda shocked and he said he was on his way over. They admitted me to a room, I was their only patient. And once I was settled in, one of the nurses explained how the night would go. At 9 that night, they’d give me cervadil- the capsule to help dilate me. At about 10 or 11, they’d give me an Ambien to help me sleep. At 6 in the morning the next day, they’d start the Pitocin. Ok.

Once, my husband got there I got to eat dinner- my last meal until Daughter would arrive. While talking to J I mentioned that I thought I was feeling contractions but nah. And my parents and his parents and Eldest dropped in to see me. When they left, the nurse came over to me and asked me, Are you feeling any contractions? I was surprised because I was feeling something but thought that the readings on the monitor were my moving around and eating and stuff. Nope, contractions. She explained that earlier she had noticed them and that I was having them every 2 -4 minutes but now they were every two minutes. She checked me and found I had dilated to 3 cm. Because I was having contractions and because they were having an effect on my cervix, they said no cervadil- they didn’t want to push me too much. So I got Ambien at about 10:30 and happily fell asleep at some point. The next morning, it was time. They put me on Pitocin at 6 and checked me about every hour. I was dilating, it was working. I was feeling the contractions pretty alright. Nothing major just painful enough to make me stop talking and focus on breathing through them. I think it was around 10 they broke my water. They asked me if I wanted an epidural because the doctor had a c-section coming up at 10:30 and if they didn’t get it to me now, I’d have to wait about an hour to get it later. I said I’d wait. And about ten minutes later things started to really intensify. I started throwing up (oh yay) and the contractions were knocking the wind out of me. I knew it’d be stupid to keep waiting so I said to please get me the epidural. Thankfully, the c-section hadn’t started and I got it right away. And it was excellent. They gave me morphine first which made me so itchy but brought instant relief. I was able to rest and relax and scratch the time away. It must have been around 45 minutes later or so but they checked me again and I was 9.5 cm already. WHOA.

Soon after the pressure started getting really intense and no surprise she was way down there. And of course, the doctor was in the c-section. No problem. I just breathed through the contractions as that is when the pressure really intensified. They told me not to push and to be sure to tell them when the urge was uncontrollable. Ok. As time went by things got harder and harder to ignore and finally the doctor was out of the c-section and we were ready. Oh yeah, there were some technical issues with my bed and the stirrups. I won’t go into it but I’ll let you know that when your baby is so low she’s about ready to just fall out and you have your legs in stirrups and they’re all freaking stuck and people are fighting with them and shaking them around, it’s not very fun. Nope. Not at all. I don’t know how long I pushed for but it was hard work. I’m pretty sure it was harder this time because with Eldest, the doctors did more to get him out faster- I got a larger cut and I think they pulled him out mostly because they detected fetal distress. This time, I felt it more. The pressure, the pain, the burning, the everything. I was shocked by it. I felt I couldn’t do it and was dying for her to get out. And out she came. At 11:51 in the morning. Sweet relief. They actually told me to give them my hands so I could finish taking her out. And I did and plopped her on my chest and toweled her off and kissed her and shook and cried and all that. It was incredible. Very different from Eldest’s delivery but really just amazing. This time, there were no NICU doctors taking her away immediately to put tubes down her throat and leaving me to watch helplessly. I got to just hold her and hold her and kiss her and cry and rub her with the blanket. The doctor fixed me up- one tiny cut this time. I saw the placenta this time. Pretty cool. The cord broke as they pulled it out so I had some more discomfort as they tried getting everything out. Finally it was time to bathe her and weigh her and measure her and all of that so she went to the nursery with J and I got cleaned up and fixed up and fell asleep for a little while.

The whole experience was really good. I just felt so much better this time from start to finish. I knew what was going on and I understood things and it felt more natural even though I did get some help to get things started and to give me relief. Amazing. It was truly amazing.


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