Big Girl?

I had my ultrasound today. Baby girl is reportedly weighing in at 7 pounds, 13 ounces. Her older brother was born weighing 7 pounds, 7 ounces. Interesting. I have my appointment with the doctor tomorrow. I know they're going to bring up the topic of induction and I'm going to go with my instinct which is to let it ride. I don't think this baby will be too late but I will consider scheduling an induction at the appointment after tomorrow's if such a thing is necessary. Can we all please cross our fingers it won't be? Even though my son was born on his due date he was an unscheduled induction. They broke my water at the hospital and put me on Pitocin because they found meconium in the water. I can't complain because as much as I hated Pitocin (it made me throw up every single thing in me), my labor was a good one. Then again, it was starting naturally too so whatever. I was really freaked out about the size issue. I never thought I'd see an eight pound baby but it looks possible now. And I think I'm ok with it. Lots of women do it, right? Right. I'm taking Eldest to my in-laws tomorrow, going to the appointment, and then I'm going to take a friend's advice and go to the mall and spend some time there. I've been wanting to go for nightly walks for days now but the weather here is atrocious. The heat is unbearable– today it was 93 degrees but felt like 99 and humidity was at 31%. You walked outside and sweat beaded up on your nose. But I'm finding that I'm restless and the more I get out of the house, the more inclined I am to be moving around.

I got two swap partners today. Yay. I'm in four swaps this month and am incredibly excited about all of them. I'll share some info on them in case you're inclined to try something like it next time or maybe you'll start one yourself.

First of all, I joined the Colorific Swap-o-Rama Jek hosts on Flickr. It is such a neat, neat, neat idea for a swap. July's color theme is brown and baby blue/aqua. I adore those colors. My bedroom is in brown and baby blue. One of my favorite colors on my husband is brown and baby blue. And I just love aqua all around too. So I'm really excited. And my partner is so interesting! I'm really excited. Shipping dates for that one are June 25 – July 5. Perfect.

I also joined the Anything Japanese Swap on Swap-Bot. I know you're shocked, right? This one seems like a cute time. Shipping date on this is June 15. A quickie. ^_^

The other day, I joined my first knitting swap, Secret Pal on LiveJournal 2. This is a cute little swap spread out over three months with the total spent to hit $30. I figure it'd be a good way to get my feet wet with a knitting swap and not feel too intimidated or anything. Plus, like the Japanese one there is no handmade requirement which is good because I'd feel seriously freaked if I had to knit some stranger something. At least with Coloriffic, I have a huge range on my handmade.

And then of course in the private group I'm in, I opened signups for our regular swap. I liked the Coloriffic idea but adapted it to a small scale. The group is mostly scrapbookers too. So they're each going to pick their own desired color scheme. It's different than what we usually do where themes are objects, seasons, and holidays like flowers for instance or Halloween or Winter. Even though those are fun, I've never had the theme be reflected through the entire package which I'm going to do this time. They all seem pretty excited about it too.

You have to understand how happy this makes me. I adore receiving mail. I adore sending mail. I'm going to be overwhelmed with a newborn so mail is going to be very welcome indeed. Also out there is a trade I made with Theresa. I don't know if you remember, but a while ago I purchased the Making Memories Tag Maker. I ended up being disappointed with it and impatient. Mostly though, impatient. It is very hard for me to give gadgets a chance. They either work right pretty quickly or they collect dust. Well, I couldn't get the tag maker to work great with my first two tries (yes, only two- I wasn't kidding about my impatience) so I gave up and offered it to Theresa who makes magic things happen with paper. She was happy to take it off my hands and it is on the way to her mailbox. I can't wait to see what she does with it.

I'm also waiting for more inventory for my store. It has me excited what's coming in. Really kawaii things that I will have to fight to not keep for myself. And I'm not even talking about Cram Cream.

What else? Oh, I trained my sister in law today on what needs to be done for the events that are coming up and I'm having her start work tomorrow. Could I do all of the things I gave her to do? Sure- if I don't go into labor. And that is where my decision was made. I understand that most probably, I'm going to be pregnant for several more days, but should the unexpected occur, so many important things are up in the air that my boss would be up the creek without the proverbial paddle. So I'm going to let her go at it alone tomorrow, trial by fire style. I figure this way, I'll be able to play back-up for her whereas if we waited to have her take over when I went into labor, she HAS no backup and there's too much pending that is important. I'm confident in her and honestly, excited at the prospect of not having those things to deal with.

I need to charge my MP3 player and my video camera and create a playlist I can enjoy at the hospital. I also need to wrap up Mario's present from Sadie and shove all of that in the suitcase. See? It really is ok if she waits a few days. I still have things to do!


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