It’s harder every day

This is why pregnant women freak out at the end of their pregnancies. ^_^ Every day it is harder to move. To get something off the floor. To lie down comfortably. To sleep for more than four or five hours at a time. To go up the stairs. To come down the stairs. To get dressed to go out. To climb into the car. To climb out of the car. It’s not every week any more or every month but every day. It kills me. But we’re not going to dwell on ucky bits like that.

Yesterday, I started my very first knitted toy. I’m doing the seal from the book World of Knitted Toys. So far, I’m having a lot of fun. It’s also the first time I work with a pattern that has increases and things- you know, a real pattern instead of one that says cast on x stitches. Work in x stitch for 1 billion rows. Cast off. 😉 The baby blanket? Has me annoyed as hell and is being punished by sitting in my portable knitting tote in the hot hot hot car. Also, I realized yesterday when I was fishing around for needles to do the seal with that, well, I have NO needles. I have the pair of bamboo I’m working the baby blanket on and I have a pair of aluminum ones that are 10? 11? I don’t know. I’m working the seal on those and have discovered that I really like the aluminum ones. I have been having huge problems lately with my yarn getting stuck on the bamboo needles and me yanking on it and it subsequently flying off the needles. It’s a sad sad sad state of affairs when that happens. But yeah, those are the ONLY two pairs of knitting needles I have. I have more crochet hooks and I can’t crochet! I think I gave a pair of my needles to a friend of mine but still. Also, I like stockinette stitch. It’s pretty. And it’s not completely mindless and not completely tedious as I have found ribbing to be so far. Ribbing might need another go. I might have been unfair to ribbing. But what has me really motivated is that I am finding I like working off a pattern. Yes I get confused but I sit there and try and figure it out. I really do. And if something still doesn’t add up, I’m just taking my best guess and going with that. And so far I’m finding it fun. The only thing is it is SO HOT here that I have to be a little more selective of things I can make. And I read somewhere about tank tops? So interested in that!! And at first socks freaked me out but lately I’m liking the idea. Soon soon soon. I’m still so new to this. I mean hello, TWO SETS OF NEEDLES. Enough said!

Ok I am going to lie in bed and work on that little seal some more. We went to my parents’ house today for a day in the pool. So nice.


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