Swaps and such things

I am going to try and make this as fast as possible but whoa I have a lot to share.

First of all, today is the last day in May and the last day of The Unfinished Project. And really it looks like I got almost of all of my unfinished projects done. Except that baby blanket. It's just not going to be ready on time for Daughter but it's ok. It'll give me something to unwind to. Am I insane for considering taking it with me to the hospital? Yes? I thought so too…

Part of my Unfinished Projects was swaps and both of those got sent out and received. Since one was a private group, I won't really post about it here but I WILL post about the Vintage Love Swap. I got a really sweet package from Cori. I got a nifty little thing that looks like a coin purse but it's a mini photo album. And it's from Japan 🙂 I got a beautiful tin that's storing some art supplies already. I got some AWESOME greeting cards with Disney characters on them. I can see those flying out of here. And I got a really beautiful plaque she made of Tinkerbell. Oh and a stunning bar of dark chocolate. 🙂 YUM. And wow her packaging was SO cool!! Check out the goods.

Awesome, right?

I'm also playing in an Altered Puzzle swap with that private group. I have to admit, it was a TOTAL headache when I got started. I kept starting over on pieces and not liking much of what I had. I think the two things that threw me were the size (we are talking between 1.5" and 1.75" wide and high here) and the shape. Another girl mentioned that she had been working on it and suddenly everything clicked. DITTO that. There's a piece I have that I'm pretty sure I'll do over. But yeah I was really struggling and suddenly things came together. I churned out three tonight and it's taken me days to do the other ones. The magic number seems to be three. If I have three elements, I like it. I'll post what I have so far in the order I've made them so you see what I mean. I'm not going to post the one I'm pretty sure I'm redoing. Anyways, here is what I have so far:

Theme: Pink

Theme: Travel

Theme: Butterflies

Theme: Disney

Theme: Beach

I am having a blast with these. And actually, now that I'm looking at them here I might re-do that pink one too. I'm a damn perfectionist. The beach one is a redo. Actually, the pink one is ALREADY a redo but we'll see if I keep it or not. LOL

I really want to keep going with these but I need to shower and sleep.

Oh, doctor's appointment today. The same as last time- NOT surprised. And the doctor I had today was irked they hadn't given me a follow-up ultrasound. So I have one scheduled for next Tuesday. They want to see how the little one is measuring. I am really thinking I'm going to be late this time and if the ultrasound shows she's measuring like Mario did then I'm fine with it. I don't want Pitocin. Blegh.


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