And it’s over already

Why are long weekends never long enough?

Warning this entry is guaranteed to be ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. Already Tuesday, yay, but man I could use Jay home a little bit longer. How was your weekend? Mine was pretty nice. No complaints. Lots of time with friends and family. We spent the day in my parents' pool yesterday. The night before that we went to a fab restaurant for my friend's birthday. Last night, friends came over and just hung out. We sang happy birthday to both of my friends.

Oh speaking of those two! They loved their gifts. They both loved the bags and were intrigued by the contents. S, Crochet Girl, carried hers around with her from the moment she took it out of the box. She takes it everywhere. AC really liked hers too but I haven't seen her since yesterday so I wouldn't know if she's carried it around too LOL.

Do you remember I mentioned that I was going to meet a friend I made online last week? Well it was postponed because of rain to tomorrow. They are stopping here on their way back up to Jacksonville. I'm so excited to see them even if for only a short while.

Funny thing happened. So S who has been teaching herself to crochet, has been having a really hard time with it. She gets the foundation chain and she gets her single crochet stitches but when she has to turn and do another row, she finds as she keeps going she's decreasing accidentally. It is driving her up the wall. We tried making sense of it with the Stitch n Bitch book I gave her and couldn't. So funny enough, I tried to teach myself how to crochet today by using what I could find online. Let me tell you right now, crochet is SO MUCH HARDER than knitting. Not only that but the resources I am finding online are pretty much crap. Those illustrations are just awful and the rare photo tutorial didn't do a good job either. I would love to find something like but for the crochet world. And I'm not confident I'm doing it right either, but I managed to do a couple of rows without decreasing.

Ok this house is messy. I don't care if it's not perfect but it's too chaotic for me right now. So I'm going to finish picking up around here and then I'm grabbing a magazine, any magazine, and take a bath and go to bed.


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