Freezer Paper- An Ode

Freezer Paper is definitely one of those things that gets easier with practice- what isn't? Except that results are faster. More stuff is getting crossed off my Unfinished Project list tonight- specifically the tote bags for my friends. I am so excited about them I can't even begin to tell you. So I'll show you.

First up is the traditional use of Freezer Paper as Stencil. I snagged a hot pink tote bag at Michael's and got to work on the stencil I made of Ki Toy Johnson.

Easiest stencil I've ever cut out. Loved that. When I let the paint dry long enough, I peeled it off ready to go and dug out my foam stamps. I. LOVE. FOAM. STAMPS. Remember, this bag is for my friend who crochets. I am going to stuff it to the brim tomorrow with all kinds of yummy crochet goodies I've been buying up for her like a crochet case, hooks in all sizes, patterns, yarn, and the Stitch N Bitch crochet book The Happy Hooker.

I really love it. It's so her you have no idea. Then it was on to the other tote bag- for the film geek. I had been looking for the right image to use and then I remembered one of my favorite comic book artists- Frank Miller. Who just happens to have a movie version of his fab series, Sin City. So I found the cover graphic for one of the books, Booze, Broads, and Bullets and worked with that a little differently than the usual way.

First of all, I wanted the same effect. I wanted the red details to show up vivid against the black. And forget the white. It looked odd to me. So I flipped it and instead of using freezer paper for a stencil, I used it as a mask. I snagged a red tote bag at Michael's and got to work. Just like with the stencil, I traced the image onto the freezer paper. I cut out the pieces (which by the way is easier to do than traditional stencil cutting). I also used my paper trimmer and cut four one inch wide strips to create a frame. I used the printed image as a guide and arranged the pieces on the tote bag- hair, earring, lips, dress, strap piece. I worked the iron over it all. Then I took the four strips of paper and arranged them around the pieces. Ironed that. I had this now:

Then I held my breath, grabbed my trusty sponge brush, and got to work. This was what I ended up with.

Scary, huh? I thought so. I worked on the Happy Hooker Tote Bag and did the letters and photos and all that stuff. Then I came back to the tote bag and peeled off the frame strips. 99% perfect. Just one little bump at the very top.

Ok. Now it was time to make sure the paint was dry enough I wouldn't smudge things. It was. And that meant I could start peeling off the pieces of freezer paper covered in black paint. And when I did that I just about died.

Of HAPPINESS! I wanted to keep this bag for myself. To finish it off I pulled out the rubber stamps again. Almost had a heart attack and came close to tears when I saw that "Unrated" wouldn't fit properly but I kinda like the way it came out. Actually, I'm not gonna lie. I adore this bag. I want to keep it for myself!! But alas, I have many wonderful things for my friend to shove into it like sketch books and journals and brushes and tarot cards and books.

I hope they like them, and yet I know they will. They each fit their personalities so well on so many levels. I'll let you know the consensus though. I see S, Crochet Girl, tomorrow night. Now if only these bags would be completely dry so I can stuff em and wrap em! I don't see AC, Film Girl, until at least Sunday.


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