Blog Mail Love

Ok so my wallet has taken a happy beating ever since I really dove into the blogosphere. The fact is you meet so many fascinating people who make such beautiful things and let's face it- word of mouth travels FAST especially about beautiful things made with love and care.
One of my more recent purchases came in the mail today and I am so stoked.

When I saw this post at Ellia's blog, I knew I had found a great gift for my friend whose birthday is this Sunday. She loves writing and drawing and always keeps journals. She's the one I mentioned I got the art journal book for.

I emailed the super sweet Judy about her journals after looking at her shop five & a half. I ended up ordering two journals– one for my friend and one for myself. Why not? I got to pick the cover colors and the stripe on the binding (hot pink with purple for me; blue with purple for my friend) and when she got home from her vacation, she put them together. They arrived today. They are gorgeous. I am so happy. At 3.5" x 5.5" they are PERFECT to carry with you. And she even includes a smaller notepad too for when you've got that way cute and terribly chic tiny purse. And the main reason I love purchases like this? She included pages from the Madeline childrens books. As a matter of fact, the note she wrote me was on a page from there. It was such a sweet touch, so thank you Judy. Thank you very very much!


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