I shipped my Vintage Love Swap today. It was a really fun experience. I met a new blogger whose identity I’ll reveal in a couple of days when I’m sure she’s received her package. I’ve had a neat time looking at her blog as it’s not typical of the blogs I read. It was also really interesting shopping for her because I don’t know her well. I hope she enjoys her goodies. I stuck to what seemed to be a favorite for her- old books. And I threw in a little bowl that made me smile. Mostly though? Books and a magazine.

The books I ordered as presents arrived yesterday. Hooray for Amazon Prime. I realized when I opened the box that I had also ordered my film friend The Enchanted Tarot: Book and Cards off of her Wish List. And that could help me generate some more ideas for gifts, but what really got me going was my copy ofVisual Chronicles. I took it out and upstairs with me into my bath (scented by Tutti Dolci’s Chocolate Bubble Bath btw). I started reading and am all over the place. First of all, I have a billion ideas running through my head. And yet, I got this really weird feeling of being scared that maybe the book would lead me to create pages that were more like what was in the book then what really reflected me. I am halfway through the book and already I can tell you that I really wish later in the book I get to see a lot more of Karen Dinino’s work. I understand that Linda Woods is the artist but that’s exactly why I am not as interested in her pages. Also, and maybe this is the pregnancy talking, some of the chat in there is way too artsy fartsy for me. It’s a really weird mix in there. Some of the casual chat sounds almost contrived. And some of the encouraging “You are art” talk makes me roll my eyes. For whatever reason, when it comes to art and people start talking about this being representational of that and that being symbolic of this, I feel like puking. Actually, I feel the same way when people tear apart literature. But seriously? I like a lot of the ideas and even most of the text. Although I don’t understand what seems to be quite an obsession with gesso. Maybe if I use it I’ll get it? I am most intrigued by the Personal Palette. I really like the idea of associating people with colors and let’s face it, I do make that association. So I can definitely see myself working on something like that. Also, what really gets me and I have to just make it a habit, is the emphasis on carrying things with you to make notes- and actually making the notes when they hit you. I have never ever made this habit and I have always intended on doing so. Some times I try- I stash a tiny notebook in my purse for a few days. I inevitably lose it. Or take it out of my purse for space and never replace it. But it’s really something that needs to stay there. So I’m hoping this motivates me to do it. I’m going to try the artistic journal- visual journal, maybe? And if nothing more, reading the book so far has given me a flood of ideas for my friend’s gift- supplies for her journal of course. Markers, pencils, the ever-present gesso, shipping tags, screw posts, glue sticks, alphabet stamps, a label maker, ink pads, index cards, the small notebook for the purse, etc. These are all really great little things that would be fun to shop for and fun to throw in. And even though I’m sure she’ll be baffled when she opens the gift, she’ll get it when she starts reading.

Tomorrow, I get to meet an internet buddy! It’s amazing to me that frequently using the internet for over ten years has yielded me only two personal encounters. This is the second actually. There are not a lot of internet-savvy people down here I guess- at least not ones with the same interests as me. We are taking the kids, and meeting at, Jacob’s Aquatic Center in Key Largo. I’ve been there once before and it’s a really fun time for the kids. Plus, it’s a public space and so it’s a little safer. My little brother is going with me. I’m really excited about meeting her and her husband and her two kids. I think it’s going to be such a fun time. We’ve been friends for almost two years now!

I packed the hospital suitcase today. I also packed Mario his bag. I had my massage yesterday. It was divine. Really, truly divine. And tomorrow, Thursday, I turn 38 weeks. The end is near. Doctor said I was 50% effaced, 1 cm dilated. Which means NOTHING of course and really I’m not concerned about her being here sooner than later. I like the dates June 5 and June 7. June 8 is good too. June 3 can be her early date if she so desires.

Well internet, thanks for letting me work off some of this insomnia. Bedtime.


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