Chocolate- A Scented Love Story

Chocolate and perfumes make me very happy. However, I long outgrew the two of them together. In other words, chocolate scented was not exactly a phrase I found intriguing. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it as a child. Pencils, erasers, markers, lip glosses, and such things scented chocolate made me very happy indeed. But as I grew older, I found the scent to be odd, plasticky, and not really what I liked about chocolate so I gave up on things scented chocolate. Candles, shower gels, etc. they just didn’t smell right. I also have to note that really, I became particular about scents in general. I ended up loathing sweet-smelling things and still do to this day. There is such a thing as too sweet and unless it was in lip gloss form I really did not care for things that promised to smell like cake, bubble gum, cherry, strawberry, etc. And vanilla? BLEGH! But chocolate? I love my chocolate. Especially dark. When things get a little hormonal or frustrating here, I reach for my bar of Lindt Excellence 70% Dark Cocoa and eat my two squares. If we happen to be out of my Lindt dark I get sad and rummage around for whatever chocolate thing we might have. Some times, a cup of Godiva Hot Chocolate in Extra Dark Chocolate Truffle is just right too. But back to the scent of chocolate.

A few years ago, I was selling some Avon and they launched the line of products targeted at teens called mark. It’s actually, as a lot of Avon things are, suprisingly good. Well, they carried a line of products called Hollywood Pink. Someone ordered something from the line from me and I knew a friend who would love it so I bought her a set of soaps. It mentioned chocolate in the fragrance description so I was floored when it arrived and I found myself in love with the smell. I actually ordered myself some of the Hollywood Pink Deluscious Shower Syrup and the set of soaps I’d ordered my friend- tiny heart shaped soaps that look like chocolate hearts. I still have them because I just can’t bear to use them. And that’s where it started.

A year or so later I was shopping with friends and we hit up Bath & Body Works. They had a sale going and a huge clearance section. My friend, who likes all fragrances sweet, was in love with the Tutti Dolci line and I found they had a whole clearance section of the stuff. So we were rummaging through and something smelled really good to me. I found this jar of bubble bath syrup called Chocolate Fondue (I am the ultimate lover of all things bubble bath). And again, it was heaven. I snagged it at a great deal because some of the jars were sticky from a spill they had in the back of the store. I also grabbed a shower gel. Now, I swore the fragrance was called Chocolate Fondue but online all I can find is Fantasia di Cioccolata which works for me just fine.

Perfume has become more and more important to me over the past few years. Before, I used to be about whatever suited me at the moment. For the past couple of years, I think really since Jay and I started dating in 2002, I’ve become more interested in the signature fragrance. Having that one perfume that is just heaven on earth to me and maybe a couple of others that suit me on a whimsy. Ever since then, I’ve been all about Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle. I have adored this fragrance since I first smelled it in France while walking through a perfume store with Jay and all I could afford to bring back with me was the shower gel. He bought me the perfume that Christmas. There was just something about that perfume that we both found irresistable. And so did everyone else who smelled it. My cousin, friends, mother, grandmother all fell in love with the perfume and to this day I still get asked, “What perfume are you wearing? It’s so good!” when I put it on.

I also fell in love with Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue. This scent just makes me feel completely happy and at ease where Coco makes me feel beautiful and sexy. Light Blue is me at my most relaxed and jovial. It’s my Bohemian side in a fragrance in a way. Sadly, both of these perfume bottles are reaching their ends.

Most people would just go out and buy them again. And I’ve thought about it. And most probably I will, but not right away. Although it’s hard to imagine not having Coco around for when I feel pretty or Light Blue when I feel happy, I think it’s time for something new. I read in a GQ interview with the current head of the house of Bond. He’s a young guy and really interesting. He had a quote that essentially said he believed when one was going through a new experience in life or a new phase, one should get a new fragrance that way you’re reminded of that experience or time every time you wear that fragrance. That really struck a chord with me. It just felt right. And it helped me decide that now, with my daughter coming to me very soon, it was time for a new fragrance. Coco Mademoiselle, after all, was given to me the Christmas we found out I was expecting Mario.

In my makeup box, I keep several vials and samplers of perfumes because my box comes with me to events and I like sprucing up with a bit of perfume as a refresher. At the event I worked not too long ago, I opened a vial and put it on and really, really, really liked it. Of course that evening when I lost my contact lens, I quickly forgot all about the perfume and had been so busy I didn’t even think to take note of the vial. When I got in the car and kissed my husband hello he responded with, “Whoa. You smell really good. What is that?” “Oh! It’s a perfume sample I have. Hold on I’ll tell you.” I opened the makeup box and pulled out the vial. “Bond No. 9 Chelsea Flowers,” I said. “I think it’s really expensive though,” I added and put it back away. Well, curiousity killed the cat and I looked online for the perfume. And found it. At Saks Fifth Avenue. For $168. I have to draw the line somewhere. Doesn’t that seem a little outrageous to you? It seems outrageous to me.

But I didn’t give up on my search for a signature fragrance. Every time my fashion magazines come in, I leaf through them, and if I find a new perfume ad, I gleefully rip it open wondering, “Is this the one?” Well, no. Until, this month’s issues made its way here. And more importantly, I finally made my way to reading through them. I stumbled across the ad for the new Missoni Perfume. “WOW! Talk about different,” I said as I shoved the sample at Jay. “I think I really like this.” He took a whiff. “Whoa that is REALLY good.” Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner!! I looked at the ad, and examined the bottle- it was beautiful. I love beautiful bottles. I smelled it again. My god it was good. How much though? I glanced up top for the damage and instead found the description: “An irresistible weave of luscious fruits, exuberant florals and tantalizing gianduia chocolate.” Incredible. There it is again. Chocolate. And yet, not in an overt manner. I really did not pick up the chocolate until I read it. And that’s when it clicked. That was that other smell that was heavenly to me but unidentifiable. The big bottle is $110. The same as Coco Mademoiselle. In other words, it’s my limit for a good perfume. My mom, I know, will help pay for it because she wanted to get me a perfume for Mother’s Day but I couldn’t pick one. And Jay wants to get me a perfume when Sadie is born because it just feels right. So, I think this is it. And I’m really very excited about that. I still have to go to Saks and try it on. Make sure this is the one for me and that it sits on my skin the way I like it to. The way Coco did- it made me want to BITE my skin it’s so good. I’ll let you know. And if you happen to like chocolate and you happen to have a new fashion mag around, skim through and see if you can find the Missoni ad. Take a whiff. Tell me what you think.


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