Wrap it up!

Just thought I’d end my day with another post. What can I say? I’m chatty today.

Just a couple of previews and updates and things of that nature. First of all, two of my best friends have birthdays this weekend. Each of them has such distinct personalities and are so special to me, I am really having a great time getting presents together for them.

One of them loves writing, art, and film so I’m putting together a little gift bag for her. I ordered her a handmade journal from Five and a Half, a purchase completely and totally enabled by Ellia’s post the other day. Ok fine I got one for me too. I also got us each a copy of Visual Chronicles: The No-Fear Guide to Creating Art Journals, Creative Manifestos and Altered Books. Now that I think about, I’m pretty sure that I can credit that purchase to at least two other bloggers- Snowbear who apparently has it on her nightstand, and Red Instead who not only has been churning out some fabulous work lately, but she was inspired by the book to begin her own art journal and has even received feedback from the authors.

I think my friend has dappled in this before so I figure she’ll really get a kick out of something like this and it’ll be fun if we embark on it together. I am also going to make her a tote bag and have tinkered around with some ideas. I know I want to play with the film thing and do a naughty-ish tote bag with a spicy stencil and a fun tagline. Otherwise, I am stumped. She’s going on an internship to LA in June for six weeks. That will officially make her a college graduate as well. Anyone have any ideas?

My other friend has been bitten by the crochet bug mostly thanks to my being bitten by the knitting bug. She saw me teaching myself and remembered how when she was younger, she used to do the chain stitch and such so she’s begun to pick it up again. I got her the Stitch ‘N Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker since I’m pretty sure it has patterns she’ll find entertaining.

I also bought some really cute patterns from RoxyCraft.com as the amigurumi dolls I’ve been showing her have her totally reared to go. I’m going to print them out on nice thick paper and put them in a flexible binder for her. I also got her a great crochet hook holder from Melimade which I’m going to fill with hooks in different sizes. All of this is also getting shoved into a tote bag which is going to feature this stencil I made of Ki Toy Johnson, one of her favorite models. I’m going to iron on something like Happy Hooking or Hooked or whatever on the bag too to play on the whole crochet thing.

I have tons of other things coming up but I figured these would be fun to share for now. I’m working on that puzzle swap I mentioned the other day and have three backgrounds done- beach, Americana, and purple & sage. Also, Mario got a butterfly thing for Easter and the butterflies hatched today. I’m trying to get decent photos of them and we’ll be releasing them soon. I don’t want the poor butterflies trapped forever- it makes me sad. And he keeps asking me to release them too except I think he wants me to release them in the house so he can chase them… I have my massage tomorrow and my doctor’s appointment the day after. So many errands to do but at least these two appointments shove me out of the house and that actually helps motivate me to get things done!


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